Healed of a chemical burn

It was a quiet Saturday morning at our townhouse apartment. My husband, a graduate student, was studying upstairs, and I was working in the kitchen. While our four-year-old daughter Nancy was playing close by our front porch, I suddenly heard her scream. I ran outside, my husband close behind me. We heard her scream again and could see her at the end of the sidewalk, which adjoined a new apartment area.

Nancy had gotten into some sort of caustic chemical, and she pointed at an open container that she had upended on one of her arms. This chemical had an obvious burning effect, and our daughter was very distressed. My husband quickly picked her up, and we all ran back into our apartment. As he took her upstairs to wash off in the shower, he shouted down to me, “Get to work!” 

Testimony of Healing
Ankle injury healed
September 8, 2014

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