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On Friday December 14, I was watching TV about the school shooting in Connecticut for two hours.

A path to a fresh start

Wanting things to get better, wanting to better ourselves, is one of the best of human impulses.

When a friend was healed

I continued to question this girl about Christian Science and the prayer that had healed her.

The healing from my perspective

As a schoolgirl, I always felt free to invite my school friends to come to Sunday School with me.

Chutes and ladders

We have never fallen down the chute, or slide, of fear, ignorance, or sin.
The word bifurcate came up in conversation the other night.

Growing in grace

Grace is the state of knowing one is loved by God and therefore able to love others.
Spiritual Lens

"And the work of righteousness..."

Mystic River, Connecticut
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Isaac, perhaps the least-known of the Old Testament patriarchs, will become a better-known friend to students of this week’s Bible Lesson titled “Love.
The Touch of Class
When I was in my early adulthood, I was casually reading a pamphlet I had purchased from our local Christian Science Reading Room.
Being angry at someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to be harmed.
Testimony of Healing

Safe on the freeway

A recent Sentinel issue, “Proof that God exists”.
Testimony of Healing
When the November 5, 2012, Sentinel titled, “Honoring those who serve” arrived, I foolishly thought that because I didn’t know anyone serving in the military, this issue wasn’t for me.
Testimony of Healing

Depression destroyed

During my early adult life, I found myself getting into periods of deep depression and self-depreciation.
Testimony of Healing

Our cat was healed

Some 25 years ago while I was serving in our community Christian Science Reading Room, a fellow church member was walking by and heard kitten cries from a densely leafed bush.
From the Editors

Not obsessed

We can move away from the compulsion to ruminate, evaluate, obsess.

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