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A matter of life

I treasure an experience I had about 20 years ago, when my daughter was only four or five years old.


I have been a subscriber to the Sentinel for many years and have always enjoyed it.
items of interest

items of interest

"Preparations are underway for the first World Youth Peace Summit to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, on October 23–28, 2004.
Even just a momentary glimpse of God's unspeakable saving power can be enough to heal despair and save life.
Does God inspire martyrdom? Many people in the world think so. But Marta Greenwood's search into honoring the Creator taught her otherwise.

The God of the living

Living in service to God sifts what's good in life from what's bad. It reveals an existence that's always worth living.

REVERENCE for LIFE—a call to prayer for child soldiers

A former assistant in the UN Development Program discusses some of the causes of a serious threat to children in Central Africa, and offers ways to solve the problem through individual and collective prayer.

The joy of walking the land again

God is always communicating to His sons and daughters. Are we ready to listen?
Bill and Edie Overlease have traveled widely—from England's walking paths to the Grand Teton mountains to the streets of Philadelphia—to study the distribution and migration of weeds over the past century.

A day of hiking & healing

You can always remain in control of circumstances—even in times of illness or injury—by taking charge of how and what you think.
Just as Beverly Goldsmith shared the ideas in Science and Health with health care, educational, and pastoral professionals at a public conference on suicide prevention in Brisbane, Australia, you can help countless other people find the message of Science and Health.

When parents have to say, 'No'

How hard it is for parents to have to say a firm but loving no to a reasonable request—especially when they can't easily explain that the decision was guided by spiritual intuition.
Most photographers will tell you that the hours preceding and following dawn provide some of the best light of the day.

Life is precious

Every day the news media carry reports of unnatural and violent loss of life.
Testimony of Healing

Saved from suicide

I began to understand that heaven was not a far-off destination reached after death. There was hope of experiencing peace and harmony here on earth.

Testimony of Healing
Eighteen years ago I found a priceless treasure, Christian Science.
Your healing ministry is valuable and in demand.
FROM THE editors
Unemployment is a serious business these days.

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