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The power of few words

In writing, less is more.


Coming upon an automobile accident involving a pedestrian, I prayed to understand the unceasing care God provides His children.
items of interest

items of interest

"I had never really awakened to the importance of interfaith relations in my own country until my university changed and was virtually a brand new place," said Harvard professor Diana Eck in a talk last month to the Religion Communicators Council of Boston.

The protecting power of the 91st Psalm

From foxholes to parachute jumps, three people tell how one of the best-loved passages in Scripture has been of practical, saving help to them when danger threatened.

'A God-chosen opportunity'

When 15-year-old Melba Pattillo entered an Arkansas high school in 1957, she had no idea of the adversity she'd facing in the pursuit of a good education. But this member of "The Little Rock Nine" chosen to integrate Central High School came to see that her grandmother had already taught her the most valuable lesson of all, on the love of God.
He that dwelleth in the secret place of themost High shall abide under theshadow of the Almighty.

Discouraging job prospects?

Amid the confusion, competition, and uncertainty that can characterize job hunting in tough economic times, God's guidance is here to bring hope and help to anyone who seeks it. Two people share their experiences.

Fear mongering or accurate reporting?

In this year's hit documentary Bowling for Columbine, filmmaker Michael Moore and author Barry Glassner stroll down to the intersection of Florence and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles.

A time for caring and nurturing

Recently OUR DAUGHTER Katherine came across some eggs that our domesticated "Mother Goose" had abandoned, and Katherine happily took responsibility for them.
The Chicago Tribune has had front-page stories in recent weeks about the suicides of young mothers from postpartum depression.
"And now it's coming up to news time," said the ABC radio host.
Testimony of Healing
There was a guy in college with me who ripped on my behavior in front of peers.
Testimony of Healing
The healings we publish are verified by individuals who can vouch for the testifier or who know of the healing.
Testimony of Healing
When I first attended a Sunday service at a Church of Christ, Scientist, I was greatly impressed with a passage from Science and Health called "the scientific statement of being.
Founder's thoughts on Psalm 91This Psalm contains more practical theological and pathological truth than any other collection of the same number of words in human language except the Sermon on the Mount of the great Galilean and hillside Teacher.

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