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Who doesn't want healing?


What a wonderful and inspiring article is "Facing down a Goliath with prayer" in the September 29 issue.
items of interest

items of interest

"IN THESE DAYS OF GLOBAL UNCERTAINTY and terrorist threats, many of us can be left feeling insignificant and helpless.

Protest for HEALTH

It's an insistence, based on spiritual fact, that we can't be imposed upon or put out of commission by illness of any kind. And it heals.

From health crisis to healing, God was with us

Two perspectives on one healing, told from the viewpoint of Jacklyn, who was praying to be free of the symptoms of acute emphysema, and her daughter Judy, who was praying to be of help.

Our Mother who art in heaven

Knowing God to be Love itself, and to be expressing life within each child, we can surrender our fears and find a restoring, saving power working in us.

Beyond comfort food

By changing her concept of God, and coming to understand something of His love for her, a woman is healed of a longstanding eating disorder.
The idea that living a "half-normal life" was the best he could hope for felt like a prison sentence. So young Ralph Wright and his family turned to prayer to find full freedom.

God was GREATER than the pain

Even in desperate situations, God is what the Bible says He is: "a very present help."

ONE FAMILY the world over

A look at the importance of "divine identification"—recognizing the spiritual identity given to every man, woman, and child.

Rest, renewal, and delight

When I asked myself why it had taken me three years to open my copy of Sabbath, my answer was honest but hardly what author Wayne Muller would have wanted to hear.

No curse to reverse

WHEN THE LEAVES START TO TURN in New England, the thoughts of many Americans turn to playoff baseball.
Testimony of Healing

I knew that the wholly good nature of God's creation was a spiritual fact I could trust.

Testimony of Healing

New trust in God brings health, hope, and healing

One year after getting married in 1988 I became pregnant with twins.
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FROM THE editors

Being a spiritual healer doesn't depend on ecclesiastival training or even giving up one's career.

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