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A pipeline to happiness

One of the main things I learned in high school years ago in north Texas was to flip on a smile.


Thank you for the small column with big content, "You do matter" [February 18].
items of interest

items of interest

"More than a half-century ago, theologian Teilhard de Chardin conceived of an emerging web of global consciousness, which he dubbed the noosphere.
How one woman went about finding the kind of happiness that isn't at the mercy of anyone or anything.

A reason to be glad

With the power of God, it's possible to take tough situations and turn them into steppingstones to greater joy.
Actual physical healing is one of the byproducts of feeling the gladness God gives us all.
When the author found herself suffering from the symptoms of manic depression—an illness that ran in her family—she tried many different remedies. Prayer was the only one that worked.

'Thou hast turned my mourning into dancing ...'

Two women tell how they were able to conquer grief and despair over the passing of loved family members.
A white chaliced tulip, orange-crowned daffodils butter and honeycupped, the perfume of narcissuspetal fanned, these are vowels in God's own language.

The Sentinel asks... 'What brings lasting happiness?'

Happiness is a mental and physical state of complete serenity and peace.

A Church less rigid

Part 2 of our series "The changing face of church" profiles religion writer Philip Yancey.
'I became a writer, I now believe, to sort out words used and misused by the church of my youth.

–––– 100 years ago

Gathering news stories with a spiritual perspective week by week, we wondered what kinds of material the Sentinel of a century ago carried.
Testimony of Healing

Prayer alone heals serious dog bite

'I knew then and still know now that whatever strength I had came from God and my reliance on Him—not from my human body.'

Testimony of Healing

Severe burn quickly healed

I had only two days before I was to leave for Venezuela on a visit to my daughter, and there were many things to do before I left.
Testimony of Healing
At one time, I found myself locked into my role in the old wives' tale about mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law not getting along.

Happiness that lasts

It is possible to embrace serenity, contentment, and joy as a kind of "built-in" way of thinking.

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