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To Our Readers

Some issues aren't easy to write or speak about for a public audience.


In my early college years and during my first decade of teaching, the term kid was frowned upon.
items of interest

items of interest

"Even though I do not talk about God, I would tremble to do this work without involving God each time," says Lorraine Monroe, a thirty-year veteran teacher who has worked in some of New York City's toughest schools.

A marriage—after domestic violence

More often than not, those struggling with demestic violence are given little hope that they can overcome abusive patterns and rebuild their marriage free from the threat of violence. This couple, however, was able to do just that. You'll find their story inspiring.

Healing abuse

Sweet prayers of truth reach deeplyInto being,Enfolding errors long ago imposedOn innocent consciousness.
"Union of the masculine and feminine qualities constitutes completeness.

Not yet, God. I'm still talking!

Once this father and daughter decide to shut discouragement and frustration out of their thoughts, healing results.

Happiness—yours to give

Joy isn't a scarce commodity that we hope someone will give us. Rather it's ours to share with others—abundantly.

Lonely no more

All one could ever hope for in a mate is ours to companion with now and forever.
Safe living is no roll of the dice
Don't be like a sheep, stuck with the flock. Follow God's lead instead.

A man of faith

Find out how Moses led his people from slavery to freedom.
This map shows a way that the children of Israel may have traveled when they left Egypt.
Testimony of Healing

This healing took place twenty years ago and has been permanent.

Testimony of Healing

Turning my thought to the fact of God's ever-present control prevented serious aftereffects.

Testimony of Healing

I was so grateful to witness such a quick proof of God's immediate help.

Testimony of Healing

Abdominal pain eliminated

I had a feeling that already God's love had smoothed the way for me.


Business + ethics = success

How grateful I was that all the team members agreed not to take the unethical route.



Q What is your record of success with Christian Science healing?
Is a techno-future in store for us, as many would have us believe, where everything takes second place to a world of computers and robotics?

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