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Good intention or firm resolve?

In the next aisle of a supermarket, I once heard this exchange between a small child and his mother:
An honest answer to Jesus' question "Why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

The only power

Know all the time:God is the only power.
Two Christian Scientists—Lamar S.

Gaining our at-one-ment with God

Early in October each year the Jewish world celebrates its most solemn feast day, Yom Kippur, or Day of Atonement.
Terrorism—such as that issuing from the trouble in Northern Ireland—can be disarmed.

Arguing on the right side

Sometimes, unconsciously, we argue against ourselves, against our own health and well-being.
Each Lesson-Sermon published in the Christian Science Quarterly—Bible Lessons is designed to be complete in itself.

Inspired leadership

Who is there to tell prime ministers and other chief executives what to do and how to lead?


Tammy loved horses.
Testimony of Healing

My mother and grandmother found Christian Science...

My mother and grandmother found Christian Science 'when Mother was a young woman, so I have had the benefit of this healing truth all my life.
Testimony of Healing

I did not learn of Christian Science until I was a young woman...

I did not learn of Christian Science until I was a young woman expecting my first baby.
Testimony of Healing

One day I was helping my mother in the kitchen, and as I...

One day I was helping my mother in the kitchen, and as I poured boiling water off some macaroni, the pan slipped and the water spilled all over my front.
Testimony of Healing
As a child and on into my teens and early manhood, I was confronted with heartburn or indigestion.
Testimony of Healing
While I was growing up, I dearly loved the spiritual truths taught in the Christian Science Sunday School and told me by my mother.
You could be one of those many new students of Christian Science who are grateful for healing and for progress in understanding God.

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