Proving mental illness unreal

Mental illness can be proved unreal when real consciousness is understood. By defining God to be the only Mind of man, Christian Science has brought a new and healing concept of intelligence and its source. It teaches that what appears to be a vulnerable, brain-controlled, material personality is not man at all but a counterfeit of conscious identity. Acceptance of this counterfeit is the basic error that causes and prolongs abnormal mental states.

The generally held belief that thinking is an organic function leaves mortals unprotected against mental wounds—wounds linked in contemporary thought with chemical imbalance in the human system, with an unhappy childhood, or with the stresses of modern life. In some instances accumulating problems reach a climax where the human mind is driven over the edge of reason into the dark chasm of depressed or fear-tossed thought or unnatural excitement.

Don't take your life!
March 27, 1978

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