Inversion or reality?

Have you ever stood on a clear, windstill day at the edge of a lake and marveled at what is mirrored from the other side? Each object, each detail faithfully represented—upside down! If we had no other evidence and our total view were limited to the images in the water, we might accept the inversions as real. But once we see the whole view, we can smile at the deception.

So it is with the material, enigmatic view of man and the universe. From the very limited standpoint of human understanding, life may sometimes seem to be one vast sea of misery, disease, and hopelessness, with only occasional instances of happiness, health, longevity. Yet the Bible states with authority that God, in His infinite allness, created only good and was satisfied with His work. Two very different portrayals! Which of the two we believe determines to a great extent what we are experiencing.

Our living trust
November 6, 1978

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