"...thou shalt be as the morning"

Some time ago a promise from Job haunted me for days. Over and over the thought repeated itself,"...thou shalt be as the morning." Job 11:17; At last I began to really listen for its deeper message.

At the time, I lived on the twelfth floor of an apartment building, and my bedroom window faced east, opening on an enormous Colorado sky. One morning, with this scriptural promise dinning away in my thought, I watched the blackness yield to gray, then to shades of pink and blue. Quietly as the dawn itself a new idea registered, and I saw what seems to me the secret of the morning's freshness: the unceasing, effortless process of yielding—darkness yielding to the brighter light. The result of this yielding was newness and breathtaking beauty.

Ending Wars and Fighting
February 5, 1977

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