Advancing Steps

IT is well to meet all with a cheerful smile, and to speak a kindly word; it is well to lend a helping hand to those whose lines have fallen in unpleasant places, but the very best help we can give to others is to live from day to day as closely as possible to the great truth revealed to us in the Bible and in Science and Health. In this way we inspire others to look up and away from the things that blind them, and this is what Jesus meant when he said, If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me. In our Christian activities we should keep a steadfast eye upon the sweet promises of our Saviour, and we should not forget that a full realization of these promises comes as successive steps are taken, and these steps must be taken from the point where we are at any given hour. Before we take the step which brings us to the top of the mountain peak, we must first take those which successively lead us to the last one, and each must be taken at the proper time.

Those who are unacquainted with Christian Science, and who look in wonderment upon its marvelous work, are asking that old question, "Art thou he that should come?" Whoever gives to humanity the evidence of a consecrated Christian life,—as described in the Sermon on the Mount and shown to us again by Mrs. Eddy,—is giving the best answer to that question. He is proving by work well done that Christian Science can do all for humanity which has been claimed for it. He has learned that while it is a wonderful thing to evangelize self, it is even more wonderful to evangelize by perfect and example those with whom he comes in contact from day to day. Step by step he has attained to his present understanding of Truth, and step by step he will rise to still higher demonstrations.

July 29, 1905

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