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Issues, Trends, and Observations

Note: Public court records in a bankruptcy case may seem an unlikely place to find inspiration. But the case was unusual.

Note: The following analysis of statistical data was published in the Journal of Religion and Health. Dr.

Note: The renowned Protestant religious historian, Martin Marty, coins the term declinism to indicate widespread preoccupation with declining memberships in many denominations. Though he speaks from the perspective of a historian, he could be writing to anyone interested in the long-term welfare of humanity.

Note: Dr. Lisa Randall is a professor of science at Harvard University.

Note: Rev. Barnes is president of Princeton Theological Seminary.

Note: Prior to pursuing medical studies, Dr. Rediger received a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Note: For many years the Pew Research Center has surveyed Americans’ religious affiliations, beliefs, and practices. In surveys where participants are asked which denomination they identify with, those who indicate they are unaffiliated, or who identify themselves as atheists or agnostics, are tabulated in the “none” category.