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The tie that binds

What is it that allows us to help others and find help ourselves? You might say, “Understanding each other’s pain.” But actually, healing comes when what we share isn’t the belief in the reality of pain, but an understanding of the reality of divine Love.

I have loved thee with an everlasting love. — Jeremiah 31:3 Exploring Bible Verses An exploration of Bible citations from the  Christian Science Quarterly ®   Bible Lessons “.

There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. — I Corinthians 12:4  Exploring Bible Verses An exploration of Bible citations from the  Christian Science Quarterly ®   Bible Lessons “.

Changing course

Patterns of destruction and corruption are at the heart of many problems today—from the abuse of power in politics to the conflicts creating famine in Africa. When solutions require a redirection away from destructive behavior, is it reasonable to expect that we can make a course correction? This question is rooted in the fundamental and timeless inquiry of what we actually are.

Children at risk in famine: Why there’s hope

Nearly 1. 4 million children are at “imminent risk” of death due to famine in four countries, according to the United Nations International Children’s Fund.

'His mighty purpose ripens fast ...'

His mighty purpose ripens fast,    Unfolding every hour; The bud may have a bitter taste,    But sweet will be the flower. —William Cowper, adapt.

‘Just because’ prayers

Have you ever told someone in your family that you love them? Not because you want Dad to scoop you out some more ice cream, or because you want Mom to like you more than she likes your little brother. You say, “I love you,” just because you feel it and you want the people you love to know.

I’m originally from the Central African Republic, but I currently live in Mauritania. That’s where I heard about Christian Science for the first time.

The high tower of Christian Science

Discussing our inevitable awakening to the spiritual sense of life, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “The astronomer will no longer look up to the stars,—he will look out from them upon the universe; …” ( Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 125 ).

Feeling boxed in?

In rereading the Bible story of Daniel in the lions’ den (see Daniel 6 ), I saw something I had not seen before. This is the story of a wise and faithful man who was appointed by the king of Babylon to be the highest president in the land.