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Christian Science Sentinel Loving, not blaming by Lindsey Biggs Having a challenging day? This author writes about how prayer can reverse a downward spiral. for more, visit:  sentinel.

Prayer that is dependable

Why does “#prayfor” have such staying power? This begs the further question of what prayer is, and whether it can truly lead to help and healing. Many people around the world, including me, have found that indeed it can.

Why the tweet #prayfor has staying power

A popular hashtag on Twitter these days starts with #prayfor, followed by the place of a major tragedy, such as #prayforAleppo or #prayforOrlando. In the United States, major media have begun to take note of the high number of prayer services held in religious institutions, especially after such tragedies.

Safe in Love’s armor

My friends and I were walking to class when a boy began to yell at me. Mean things poured out of his mouth.

Safe travels for all

I enjoy traveling. It expands my horizons, introducing me to new people, ideas, and ways of doing things.

Spiritual selfhood

If you’re like most people, there are things that you like about yourself as a human being, and things you don’t like.   Most of the world firmly believes that we’re born into matter, that each of us comes with different material traits and characteristics.

Immigration issues and God’s government

Having lived as an immigrant in a foreign country, I’ve found it’s inspiring to think about how biblical figures adjusted to life in foreign lands. For example, from the Bible’s book of Ruth, I love thinking about Ruth’s extraordinary expression of love and care for her mother-in-law, Naomi, and how this was a key factor in the warm welcome Ruth received in her move from Moab to Judah.

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Christian Science Sentinel—TeenConnect I couldn’t deny it by Amy Richmond Fiction: “Christian Science just denies bad things are happening. ” Fact: The word denial is one that’s often used in psychology, but it’s used very differently in Christian Science.

When life seems hard

What can we do when life seems hard? This author found that gratitude opened her eyes to a very different perspective.

A God-directed role

Who wouldn’t want the leading role in a play? Not this actor, who felt he wasn’t up to the part. But as he prayed, his feelings about the show changed from being all about fear to being all about love.