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To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. — Jude 1:25 Exploring Bible Verses An exploration of Bible citations from the  Christian Science Quarterly ®   Bible Lessons “.

'Come to me, peace on earth ...'

Come to me, peace on earth!    From out life’s billowy sea,— A wave of welcome birth,—    The Life that lives in Thee!       O Love divine,       This heart of Thine Is all I need to comfort mine. —Mary Baker Eddy, Poems, p.

‘Thirsty for spiritual development’

I started studying Christian Science in 2014. For about four years prior to this, I felt God actively leading me.

Triumph over self-will in sports

Through my study of Christian Science, both my performance and my attitude when participating in sports have changed. I fence and play tennis—both very competitive sports that I love.

To seek God’s face—what it means to me

I’ve come across some humorous images on my Facebook News Feed of people looking in the mirror and being horrified at the reflection of an aging body. It’s as if the people in the images are saying, “How could this picture possibly be the me I know and love?” My friends and I laugh, but the truth is, we often find ourselves sorely disappointed to have arrived at such a wrinkly state.

Always ready to be healed

Jesus’ healing of the impotent man at the pool of Bethesda as recorded in the Bible (see John 5:2–9 ) is the remarkable account of a man who, for 38 years, had been stuck, bed-bound, at the edge of a pool of water, waiting for the water to move. It was said that whoever got into the water first after the water began to move would be healed, but because the man was disabled, he could not reach the water before others did.

God’s supply for us never runs out

Absolute darkness lay before me as I approached the bridge on the country road. It seemed as if I’d driven into a black abyss.

On the web

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On track with God

Though he was performing well, this runner felt overwhelmed by fear and anxiety prior to his races. In his Christian Science Sunday School class, he found a new, God-centered approach that brought him peace—and success on the track.

After her sailboat capsized, this teenager knew she had to calm the “storm” of fear in her thoughts in order to make it home again.