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Church—don’t miss out

Think you’re not missing anything by not going to church? Think again.

When I went to get my learner’s permit

Last summer, I really wanted to get my learner’s permit so I could start practicing driving. But taking tests of any kind has always felt hard to me.

Get unstuck

This author wondered how she could get Christian Science to work for her. But then a passage from Science and Health changed her approach entirely—and brought healing.

I couldn’t lose anything!

An author who prayed through a rocky relationship with her boyfriend shares her insights on what she learned and on how to pray more effectively about relationships, romantic and otherwise.

Praying together about the Orlando shooting

In the face of terrorism, what can we do? Even a simple prayer is enough to begin making a difference. So let’s pray together to combat hatred, fear, and despair.

A new comfort zone

Who wouldn’t want to move to France? Most people would think, “Wow! Cool! What a great opportunity!” But what most people didn’t know was that I was moving to France … but I was going alone. And, frankly, I was a little scared.

What church can do

I “heart” church. And yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit that I love it, because I’ve seen what church can do.

Don’t take it personally

Problems always try to masquerade as “ours,” but that’s a fiction. The fact is that each of us is actually a pure and loved idea in Mind, and recognizing this fact allows healing to happen.

The ride of my life

At age 14, she faced a turning point in her life: sell her beloved horse. Christian Science came to her rescue in more ways than one.

Outward bound

When things started falling apart her freshman year, this college student needed a new, more spiritual perspective. Thanks to a surprise visitor, she found one—and it proved to be a turning point in her life.