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Genuine healing

I had a healing! It’s one that I’m so grateful for.   What came to me was a desire to praise God and to see His full expression in myself and everyone around me.

‘Gather out the stones’

Two teacher friends I know, Todd and Jeff, enjoyed hanging out together, but they were also competitive and often played creative tricks on each other.   Once, Todd tied a lot of forks and spoons under the hood and on the radiator of Jeff’s car so that when he started the car in the morning to go to work, it would sound as if the engine were clanking and falling apart.

Happiness and home

Many people would gladly jump at the opportunity to live in Hawaii, but I didn’t feel the same.   When my parents told me we were moving there, I threw myself down on the ground and burst into tears.

The Christ in my life

Last year I began a study abroad year at a university in Munich, Germany. In the first month, I immediately had many opportunities to learn more about God, to put into practice what I was learning, and to experience healing.

Our unity with God

On a Friday, late last August, I was volunteering and helping with the last day at a camp. The next day was a big paddle board race I had trained for all summer, and my official cross-country season for school was starting on Monday.

Always under God’s protection

I have attended the Christian Science Sunday School since I was a young child. I’ve loved learning about my spiritual identity and that God always keeps me protected and safe.

Nothing could hold me back

Ever since my first year of summer camp, when I overcame homesickness, I’ve used the analogy that we are like snails and turtles, taking our home with us wherever we go. I like the idea that our home isn’t a place; our true home is our consciousness of God’s presence, where we can feel loved, and close to our family and friends, whether they are physically with us or not.

Resolving to pray about college essays

Senior year in high school is something that many students look forward to as a year to relax a little bit and get excited about going to college. Yet there is a hurdle left to jump over … college applications, especially the essays.

God knows me, and error doesn’t!

One morning I went into my mom and dad’s room and told them that my stomach hurt. Right that minute, we started praying.

Love conquers hate

Children never fail to surprise me—whether it is their extensive knowledge of dinosaurs, their never-ending energy, or their unconditional love and forgiveness. I have been a baby-sitter for several years.