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For Teens

Breaking the ice with Christian Science

“If you found God, and He gave you hope, would it be your secret?” sings British pop star Gary Barlow. I’ve often thought about that question.

Satisfied: not interested in pot

The only light came from a lone street lamp and the periodic flickering of cheap convenience store lighters. There were about 15 high schoolers in the park.

Reject, replace, rejoice

During the summer before my freshman year of high school, I attended a camp for Christian Scientists in Colorado. While I was there, my friends and I challenged ourselves to peak a 14,000-foot mountain called “Yale.

Christian Science practitioner for a day

Last summer I took a service trip to Peru with my National Leadership Council class, a group of young Christian Scientists learning about servant leadership together. We were there to help plaster and paint a school in a village near the city of Cusco, and we would also teach English, art, sports, dance, and music to the students for several days.

Lifeguarding prayers

Last summer I knew I wanted to work as a lifeguard at a local pool—so I took an intensive lifeguarding course as soon as summer break began. I spent 30 hours over the span of a week learning everything I needed to know in order to receive my lifeguard certification.

Run, pray, swim

As a teenager in today’s culture, it’s sometimes felt difficult for me to stay spiritually minded on a day-to-day basis. I don’t always go straight to prayer in Christian Science for an answer.

Kicking out fear

Last year before the soccer season, my school’s team went to Florida to train for a week during spring break. I was excited to completely invest my time in soccer.

From a shepherd to a student

I was raised in a family that didn’t have a lot of money. In fact, at times having food on the table each day was not possible.

Shining on stage

Two years ago, I starred in my high school’s spring production of Crazy for You as Bobby Child, the rich banker who meets the girl of his dreams and falls madly in love. As opening night approached, the rehearsals went longer and longer, and although I felt more and more prepared for the role, I started to feel nervous about performing.

Three simple prayers

Several months ago I was climbing a tree near the back door of our house and injured my heel and ankle when I jumped out of it. It hurt quite a bit.