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What does it mean to lean on God?

With only a few days to learn a leading role, this actress discovered that leaning on God has practical effects. She shares more about just what it means to lean on the Divine in this Q&A.

Better judgment

When this author found judgmental thoughts creeping in and taking over, she realized she needed a new measuring stick. She found one in this Bible verse: “judge righteous judgment.”

Stormy waters could not shake me

I’ve always loved taking trips out in the wilderness. Two summers ago, I was on my favorite trip of the summer: Pictured Rocks.

Feeling annoyed?

Is annoyance something we just have to live with? One writer says, “no,” and shares the spiritual ideas that helped free her from it.

How can we pray about suicide?

After a friend from high school committed suicide, this author felt impelled to pray more consistently for anyone, anywhere who might be feeling hopeless.

When God broke through

For this author, a black belt test in tae kwon do became a turning point in her understanding and practice of Christian Science.

‘Go into your race with God’

I’ve been on a competitive swim team since the end of fifth grade. But still swimming has always been a growing experience for me—especially once I got to high school and my coach put me in the three hardest events: the 200 individual medley (eight lengths of the pool doing two lengths of each stroke), the 100 fly (four lengths of butterfly), and the 500 free (20 lengths of freestyle).

When it feels like the end of the world

Those end-of-the-world moments may leave us feeling like there’s no way out of the darkness. But there is, and whether we know it or not, we’re already being rescued.

Facing down test fears

Faced with an “impossible” test question, this author turned to this spiritual fact: that man is “the compound idea of God, including all right ideas.” What happened next didn’t just help him with that exam, but with the tests he had to take going forward, too.

Can we heal prejudice?

The prejudice we see in the world today may seem insurmountable, but we can make a difference by being honest about any prejudice we might be carrying around—and praying about it until hatred is completely replaced by love. This has healing effects for our communities and beyond.