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The whole picture

This past summer I was a counselor-in-training (CIT) at a summer camp for Christian Scientists. The summer was filled with new experiences, revelations, and lots of new chances to demonstrate Christian Science.

Peace and confidence on test day

Last April, as the end of the school year approached, I was feeling nervous about two upcoming AP (Advanced Placement) exams.   Although I had been preparing, I questioned this preparation and tried to cram in extra studying.

God’s care while scuba diving

Last year my mom, dad, brother Ali­stair, and I visited the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia. My dad and I planned to scuba dive.

Seeing ‘the perfect man’

Working with children who have been labelled as having special needs has allowed me to apply Christian Science to my daily life. I have learned to expect that barriers can be broken and to practice patience while working to see beyond physical limitations.

A healing on Mt. Kenya

“This hike will be difficult,” the outfitter warned. “If you get altitude sickness, you’ll feel nauseated and lightheaded, and you may not be able to reach the summit.

United through Love

I attend a Christian Science Sunday School, where I learn about the Bible and Christ Jesus’ healing works. I also learn that God is infinite good and that His creation is good.

Pole vault perfection

This past spring I attempted to launch myself over a bar with a bendy stick. I learned how to pole vault.

Ascending in thought

How do you uplift your thought? It sounds easy enough—just pray, affirming spiritual truths for yourself that you know are helpful! However, I’m learning that actually rising above daily struggles can be quite an endeavor.   Last summer I had the opportunity to travel to Peru with my DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council (NLC) class, a leadership council for high school students who are Christian Scientists and are dedicated to servant leadership based on the teachings of Christ Jesus.

From fear to freedom

I couldn’t fall asleep. The next day I would move into my college dorm, and I felt overcome by a fear of the unknown.

Breaking the ice with Christian Science

“If you found God, and He gave you hope, would it be your secret?” sings British pop star Gary Barlow. I’ve often thought about that question.