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God knows me, and error doesn’t!

One morning I went into my mom and dad’s room and told them that my stomach hurt. Right that minute, we started praying.

Love conquers hate

Children never fail to surprise me—whether it is their extensive knowledge of dinosaurs, their never-ending energy, or their unconditional love and forgiveness. I have been a baby-sitter for several years.

God guides us continuously

In 2010, when I was still living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I had the opportunity to spend the month of June in the United States. Among other activities, I visited a college I was interested in applying to.

The help we needed

It was the second session of the summer, and I was working as a counse­lor-in-training at a camp for Christian Scientists. I was part of a seven-day backpacking program, and our trip had gone very well.

Overcoming procrastination

I’m a senior in high school, and this past year I have especially struggled with the idea of not having enough time and motivation to get my schoolwork and other responsibilities taken care of. It seemed I spent more time avoiding my responsibilities than I spent facing them.

From frustrating game to golden opportunity

I have attended a summer camp for Christian Scientists for five years now, and throughout those five years I have always been in the horse programs. For the past three summers, I have participated in the polocrosse program for high schoolers, where you learn the rules in order to play, and later on in the session you even participate in a real tournament outside of camp.

Healing on a hike

It was a spontaneous idea. My mom and I decided to go for a hike.

Horsemanship and healing

I find it amazing how God’s love is always present, always surrounding and protecting us. This summer, I went to a camp for Christian Scientists, where I got to ride a horse named Remington.

Prayer on the football field

I sat in the back of the quiet bus. My teammates’ faces were tensed in concentration, and the faint murmur of music through headphones drifted in the air.

Never lost

The events I am about to share with you happened when I was seven years old.   It was the night before Christmas.