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Healing on a hike

It was a spontaneous idea. My mom and I decided to go for a hike.

Horsemanship and healing

I find it amazing how God’s love is always present, always surrounding and protecting us. This summer, I went to a camp for Christian Scientists, where I got to ride a horse named Remington.

Prayer on the football field

I sat in the back of the quiet bus. My teammates’ faces were tensed in concentration, and the faint murmur of music through headphones drifted in the air.

Never lost

The events I am about to share with you happened when I was seven years old.   It was the night before Christmas.

A God-directed career

This past year I enjoyed dancing as a trainee at a ballet company in Oregon. Much like an intern, a trainee is given the experience of working with a professional company as a student.

Sunday School students from South Africa share …

By Katherine Brokensha, university student Last year was both an exciting and a challenging year for me, as I moved far away from home to start my first year of university. One morning I woke up feeling weak and had a headache, and the symptoms got worse throughout the day.

The whole picture

This past summer I was a counselor-in-training (CIT) at a summer camp for Christian Scientists. The summer was filled with new experiences, revelations, and lots of new chances to demonstrate Christian Science.

Peace and confidence on test day

Last April, as the end of the school year approached, I was feeling nervous about two upcoming AP (Advanced Placement) exams.   Although I had been preparing, I questioned this preparation and tried to cram in extra studying.

God’s care while scuba diving

Last year my mom, dad, brother Ali­stair, and I visited the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia. My dad and I planned to scuba dive.

Seeing ‘the perfect man’

Working with children who have been labelled as having special needs has allowed me to apply Christian Science to my daily life. I have learned to expect that barriers can be broken and to practice patience while working to see beyond physical limitations.