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I couldn’t lose anything!

An author who prayed through a rocky relationship with her boyfriend shares her insights on what she learned and on how to pray more effectively about relationships, romantic and otherwise.

Frenemies? Or God’s children?

After a few problems with friends, this author was dreading going back to school. But one simple message from God changed her perspective—and her friendships.

No limits

Why are you a Christian Scientist? The answer will be different for everyone, but this author shares her “why”: Christian Science removes every single limit.

My true north

For this author, being a Christian Scientist isn’t about “applying” Christian Science to problems in his life, but about knowing and understanding God better and living in a way that consistently proves that understanding.

I could love him no matter what!

Jaquan was the cutest kid I’d ever seen! His smile and big brown eyes made my heart melt. Jaquan was one of the children at a children’s home, where I was visiting as part of a service trip to a foreign country.

No worries

Are worried, anxious thoughts just inevitable? This author says no—and offers practical spiritual insights about how to combat worry with a deeper understanding of God’s love.

Decisions, decisions

Facing a stressful decision? This author provides helpful spiritual insights about how to pray about decision-making—and how you can tell if you’re really hearing God’s guidance.

What success really looks like

Frustrated by race times that just weren’t improving, this college swimmer shifted her perspective and discovered a new, true definition of success—a spiritual definition—which changed her mindset and her races.

Stay connected

Social media has its upsides, but it can also provoke envy and self criticism. One author shares how she responds to the impulse to stay connected, and how that has transformed her approach to Facebook and Instagram.

A spiritual protest against terrorism

In the middle of the night, sitting on the floor of her dorm room, this author felt engulfed by a fear of terrorism. But as she prayed, she woke up to the power of spiritually protesting against any evil that would claim to have power, and to standing with God, good.