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Living Christian Science Today

"I'm a Christian Scientist." What's it like to say that in today's world and live the ideas you’re learning about?

This writer shares some ideas about forgiveness.

Right where you are, there is healing

This author finds turning to God provides just the right inspiration to change irritation to gratitude, with healing results.

The snake in the pew

We can confidently remove whatever has no place in church.

No empty nest

There’s no “empty nest” in God’s kingdom, where all His children are loved, full of purpose, and unseparated from good. 

The baskets are full

This author found that understanding herself as the individualized expression of God immediately removed all evidence of fatigue and discomfort.

Safe after being held up at gunpoint

A woman experiences safety after being robbed at gunpoint and forgives those who confronted her.

Steadfast, honest prayer can help bring about a perfect adjustment in one’s employment.

Understanding God’s limitless supply

A new insight into a familiar Bible story brings needed comfort and reassurance.

Healing of the past is no human ‘do over’

No more ruminating over the past when rejuvenated by God’s love.

On the road with God

Wherever we are, wherever we go, God’s blessings await us.