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Living Christian Science Today

"I'm a Christian Scientist." What's it like to say that in today's world and live the ideas you’re learning about?

Rush hour or prayer hour?

A commuter experiences how being stuck in traffic can be a prayer-filled, anxiety-free time.

A swift healing

An injury is quickly healed.

All creatures moving in harmony

A long-distance bike ride leads to an unexpected lesson from dogs.

Never lost in the fog

An urgent need is met through Love’s sweet guidance.

Rock climbing with strength and grace

A novice rock climber relies on God’s support and guidance. 

Let go!

A spiritual lesson from a trip blesses the author. 

Safe during an electrical storm

God’s protection is felt in the midst of an intense storm.

Inspired by a peace-building summit, the author resolves to take action by tossing out mental litter and replacing it with thoughts from God.

Out with negativity, in with love

The author experiences how letting go of a false sense of self brings freedom from negative, judgmental thoughts.

Freedom from fear of volunteering in prison

Does volunteering to serve in a prison seem intimidating? Here’s how one Christian Science chaplain prayed to silence fear.