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"I'm a Christian Scientist." What's it like to say that in today's world and live the ideas you’re learning about?

Losing our fear of weather

Let divine Love dissolve the storms of fear

‘Let there be light’

Pain quickly vanishes as this author’s thought opens to the light of spiritual inspiration.

An ex-police officer sees beyond an act of violence in a neighboring city.

Inspired prayer brings a deep, settled peace in the midst of a bumpy, turbulent flight.

Free of dust

Establishing the source of true substance.

When two small objects went missing on her 640-acre farm, this writer looked to divine Mind for inspiration.

No foxes!

Keeping the foxes out of your thought and daily experience.

An author prays when she encounters a distraught mother whose daughter has gone missing.

Breaking barriers in golf

Young players enrich US golf scene.

To be teachable

A willingness to learn promotes spiritual growth.