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What’s life about?

She thought she had it all: Money. Clothes. Success. But when a friend asked about the meaning of life, this author was brought up short. What was life really all about? A return to Christian Science unlocked the answers and proved to be a turning point on her own path.

Pain isn’t normal

For this author, monthly menstrual pain seemed normal—until she began digging deeper into what she’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School.

How can I talk with my friends about Christian Science?

If you’re unsure how to talk about Christian Science with your friends, this author has some good insight: Instead of relying solely on your words, he says, let your life and your love for others do the talking.

Divine direction during the college search

Torn between two schools, this author was agonizing about her college decision, until she realized she could pray about it. Following God’s direction brought her peace—and an answer that was surprising but satisfying.

A backpacking breakthrough

When a demanding school backpacking trip sparked fear and worry among her and her classmates, this author realized that her understanding of God’s presence and care empowered her to help—and that she actually could.

A quick healing after a mountain biking accident

It was his first mountain biking run during a long-awaited summer trip, so when he crash-landed after a jump, this teen wondered if the rest of his vacation was ruined. Fortunately, he quickly realized there was something he could do: He could pray.

Finding my way

This young dancer thought she’d come to Europe to land a role in a ballet company. But it turned out that there were bigger—spiritual—lessons in store for her as she began to discover more about God’s care and guidance.

How can I stop feeling so ugly?

Feeling ugly? So was this author. But it wasn’t a makeover, or new clothes, or a better haircut that helped her feel more beautiful. It was a better understanding of God.

Why I love Sunday School

A Christian Science Sunday School student shares some highlights from what she’s learned in Sunday School, and the way this “practical truth” has helped and healed her many, many times.

How can I learn to love myself?

When this author looked around at her friends, all she could see were their wonderful qualities—and her own inadequacies. How could she learn to love herself? Prayer brought unexpected answers.