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How did Jesus heal?

- Sentinel Watch

People all over the world, of all races, from all cultures and social backgrounds, share a heartfelt love for the man called Jesus. Many love his wise words on the nature of God and of man’s relation to God.  Many stand in awe of the healings that the Scriptures attribute to him.  Our contributors today explain how it was Christ Jesus’ understanding of God’s love for us—and of our spiritual nature, expressing that love—that enabled him to heal, and to teach his early followers to heal, too. And they illustrate the good news that understanding the life and words of Jesus can still lead to such healing today, through bringing God and His love for us to light in our lives.

As you listen to this edition of Sentinel Watch, we trust you will not only learn a little more about how Jesus healed, but also see how you can heal, too.

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