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Seeing through the lie

It’s vital not to be influenced by fears or mistaken educated beliefs—that is, not to accept as true that which is not true. Instead, we need to let God’s spiritual ideas permeate our thoughts and lives. 
Keeping Watch

A lesson from the tala

The affliction that seemed to mark me since childhood disappeared as the truth of being dawned in my consciousness. 
I finally did feel a direct connection to God!

Our mental home

How vital it is to build daily a solid mental defense, take hourly inventory of our thoughts, and replace unwanted and unhealthy suggestions with pure, spiritual ideas that uplift and heal. 

Helping a pelican

I felt God was telling me what to do and say. This made my doubts and fears go away.
This week’s photographic inspiration and related text.

Healing is a revealing

Rather than feeling as though I needed to be healed, I realized that what I needed was for the truth to be revealed, or made clear, to me—the truth of spiritual being, which is the only real being.
Testimony of Healing

Vision defect reversed

Subsequent exams in following years have always reconfirmed that the supposed incurable, permanent defect had been healed and that only right conditions were and are present.

Normal hearing restored

No matter what the physical senses were reporting, I knew harmony was all I could really hear and experience. 
Bible Lens


Jesus’ simple petition makes clear God’s willingness and ability to supply all needs.
Letters & Conversations

Letters & Conversations

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