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[Sentinel Audio Chat, Christian Science Board of Directors, “Discussion of Annual Meeting and its theme: Church: ‘Healing and saving the world,’ ” April 26, 2016, JSH-Online.
Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Chat Replay
All real activity must originate in God and reflect the structure—the order—of Truth and Love.

The greatest gift

We can turn to our divine Parent in any situation, trusting that His goodness and wisdom are here to guide us in making all our decisions. 
In many places throughout the Bible we see individuals presented with “bait.” 

A healing response to symptoms

When cats or dogs are hungry, they often act especially friendly to their owners.
Note: For many years the Pew Research Center has surveyed Americans’ religious affiliations, beliefs, and practices.
Bible Lens
TeenConnect: Turning Point

The ride of my life

At age 14, she faced a turning point in her life: sell her beloved horse. Christian Science came to her rescue in more ways than one.
Testimony of Healing

Hearing restored

Growing up in a Christian Science Sunday School, I had learned that we are all the perfect children of God, and that a clear understanding of this fact heals.
Testimony of Healing

Quick healing of wound

In gratitude I would like to share a testimony of a healing that I experienced when I was about sixteen.
Testimony of Healing
One day in early spring I woke up feeling anything but cheerful and energetic.
Image and Inspiration

'Make our planting timely, true'


A life of courage

With each experience in relying on divine Love, we gain more courage, trust, and confidence.

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