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The Sentinel deserves nothing but the highest praise for its unending inspiration, answers to prayers, and having just the right article at just the right time when we are dealing with an issue, and so I am reluctant to write anything negative for something so full of good.

Jesus' call to heal

Healing is a way to preach the gospel, making the biblical promises real.
If we see that we all belong to the Christ, doors that were formerly closed may open up.

Fasting, a complement to prayer

Often, we must fast from a heavy sense of a problem.

Repeating and defeating

I began to realize that all the good that is in existence comes from God, and that it is indestructible because God is indestructible.

Beyond matter

The thought, or idea, of something is its enduring substance.
Spiritual Lens

No problem!

Besieged by overwhelming odds, what chance is left?
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Freedom through glorifying God

In this week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, titled “Unreality,” we are enjoined to choose a side in the war between good and evil, and to serve on the side of good.
Items of Interest

The 'care effect'

Americans spend $34 billion a year on so-called alternative medicine—botanical pills, acupuncture, energy healing, and the like—despite the fact that few of these techniques are backed by any science.
Spiritual Focus on Books

Red apple sermons

In the books discussed in these columns, there is probably no theologian and pastor who has been more often mentioned or quoted than Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
One time, thousands of children, men, and women followed Jesus into the lonely desert, hoping for a glimpse of him.
Testimony of Healing

Spinal injuries healed

In Christian Science Sunday School, I loved Mary Baker Eddy’s poem “ ‘Feed My Sheep’ ”.
Testimony of Healing

Quick recovery from arm injury

When my son was in grade school, I received a call from the school nurse that he had fallen in gym class.
Testimony of Healing
Words fail to express my gratitude to Father-Mother God for a healing I had not long ago.
Testimony of Healing

Back pain overcome

A few years ago, I made an appointment to have some Oriental rugs cleaned for an upcoming party in our home.

You come from God...

You come from God. So do your children. So do all children.

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