Redeeming the Past

Christian Science has revealed to its students the exact, scientific, and demonstrable truth about God. It shows clearly that God is the one infinite, eternal, and omnipresent Spirit; that Spirit is the only cause or creator of all that exists. In line with these fundamental truths, it proves that real or true existence is wholly spiritual; that the only real creation is one of spiritual ideas, created, maintained, and supported by the one divine Spirit. Hence the only man there is, is the man of God's creating, who is entirely spiritual, perfect, at all times reflecting God's spiritual qualities. Not only does Christian Science reveal these basic facts of being, but it also exposes and proves the utter falsity of any so-called material existence, creation, or life.

One of the most stubborn beliefs of the so-called human or mortal mind is the belief in a material past. Indeed, mortal mind would fain have us believe that our present experience is governed almost entirely by our past, human theories stating that past experiences, circumstances, and conditions have made such indelible impressions upon us as to be practically ineradicable. But, thanks be to God, through the mighty truths of Christian Science these false beliefs are being proved baseless and powerless to control in any way our lives or to limit in any direction our divine rights and privileges.

"A continual allowance"
November 8, 1924

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