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News of Healing


The healings we publish are verified by people who can vouch for the testifier or who know of the healing. Examples of Christian healing from individuals and families around the world have been published in the Christian Science periodicals for well over a century.

The most recently-published testimonies are at the top.

Study of the Bible Lesson brings healing

A few years ago, I experienced healing as a result of studying and praying with the spiritual ideas presented in that week’s Christian Science Bible Lesson, titled “Matter. ” I seemed to have strained my lower back as a result of excess physical activity, and it was difficult for me to move about normally without experiencing considerable pain.

Divine Love in the lead—on stage and off

Last summer I once again had a healing demonstration of the effectiveness of Christian Science. After a five-year hiatus from acting in plays and film, I was offered a great role at a professional theater, and though I wanted to do the role, I was nervous about saying yes.

Not governed by hasty decisions

My study of Christian Science has taught me that whenever there’s a problem, all we’re dealing with is thought. I know that when we direct our thought toward understanding our relationship to God instead of being preoccupied with matter, erroneous human situations can adjust.

Warts quickly gone

One summer years ago, my husband and I noticed that our son had developed a number of plantar warts on the bottoms of his feet. He was a little guy, going into the second grade, and they seemed to interfere with his summer fun.

Healing of painful gums

When I was on my way to Holland to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday, I noticed that an area of my gums was tender to the touch. I immediately started praying, knowing that as the perfect child of the perfect God, I reflect health and wholeness, which are qualities of God, and that any material evidence to the contrary is untrue.

Healing of swollen wrist

In 2003, one of my wrists felt alarmingly weak and looked swollen when I awoke one morning. The temptation to seek a material cause or a name for the condition was firmly rebuked.

My first Christian Science healing

One morning when I was lifting a pail full of water, I felt a sudden pang of pain near my backbone. It felt as though I had pulled a muscle by lifting an overload.

A quick return to school

Many years ago, as a young mother new to Christian Science, I was first learning to demonstrate the laws of God, and there were many lessons as I raised my children. One day, when my oldest son was in grade school, I was notified by the school nurse that I must come for him, as he had the measles.

Walking ‘in the Spirit’

Everyone smiled when I brought in the Boston cream pie I had made for dessert recently. After the first taste, however, the smiles quickly faded.

No evidence of the burn

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude to our dear Father-Mother for Christian Science and its healing power. I give all “thanks …[to] God for his unspeakable gift” ( II Corinthians 9:15 ).