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News of Healing


The healings we publish are verified by people who can vouch for the testifier or who know of the healing. Examples of Christian healing from individuals and families around the world have been published in the Christian Science periodicals for well over a century.

The most recently-published testimonies are at the top.

My spiritual journey to healing

Several years ago, before I began to study Christian Science and during a medical checkup, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a great shock.

Prayer meets an immediate need

One night a few years ago, I woke up unable to breathe. Immediately I became fully alert and declared mentally, “Matter cannot take away my life, for God is my life.

Injured hip mended

Many years ago, my mother fell and injured her hip while in a nursing home. She had an operation to address the issue, and a metal plate was inserted in her leg.

Injured ankles healed

Christ-healing is a familiar topic in our home; we have been privileged with much evidence of it. Some 15 or 20 years ago I fell down the full flight of stairs in our house, bumping my elbows as I went.

Walking securely

It seemed to come out of the blue. One minute I was just fine, and the next minute I stood up and my foot was in extreme pain.

Pain in arm healed

Many years ago, my husband and I left very financially rewarding medical careers to follow our newfound hearts’ desire, Christian Science. We moved to Boston, where I began working at The Mother Church.

Illness healed on a camping trip

Several years ago my husband and I went on a camping trip to a lovely lake. We had been looking forward to visiting this area for some time and were so grateful to be enjoying the pristine beauty of the area.

Humility trumps human will

A year and a half ago, my husband and I welcomed a baby boy into our family, and I learned what it truly means to “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” ( Proverbs 3:5 ). We had been diligently praying throughout the entire pregnancy and working with a Christian Science practitioner.

A stand against fear

Recently, I was mowing and reached down to dislodge some thick grass stuck in the blade. I felt a sharp pang on the tip of my pointer finger, through the glove I was wearing.

Severe back problem healed

While running a small residential construction company, I once contracted to frame, roof, and enclose an expansion of a client’s home by turning a simple one-story cottage into a saltbox-style house. In early February, the deepest part of winter, we tore the roof off the house in preparation for framing the second story.