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Universal love

Our Father has no favorite child; His fullness and His grace Belong to all, and everyone Is held in Love’s embrace. Oh, blessed bond of fellowship, Fast sealed at Soul’s behest, Through Spirit’s lens all men are seen Reciprocally blest.

‘The secret place of the most High’

Wake to your sense of original innocence, Honor the joy there, the beauty, magnificence, Banishing thoughts of anxiety, ugliness, “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. ” * Closing the door as you enter the “secret place,” Hidden from secular noise in His quiet grace, Knowing His love for all, praying with gratitude, Meekly acknowledging God’s great infinitude, Safe in the kingdom of God, divine consciousness, Witness the Christ-healing power, His righteousness.

No great red dragon

Whoa, great red dragon! You sure look big and strong. You could be quite alarming If you weren’t a total wrong.


At evening I would pray to Thee, When shadows round my pathway fall And the betrayer greeteth me, Some erring sense material, And fear and hate around me throng. Oh, may that Mind then dwell in me, And may that Spirit make me strong, That watched above Gethsemane.

‘Congratulations! No defects found.’

The antivirus scan complete, there’s a notice on my screen Congratulating me that my computer is now clean. But at this very moment, while feeling kind of blue, I’m cheered to realize that I am free of errors too.

Insistent bliss

Former trials are passed away, those Revelation vials of plague. Truth’s power to destroy all ills is lively as in Jesus’ time, today.

A child’s psalm

To God, who made me free, complete                                              thanks be To God who knows my nature, sweet                                              thanks be To God who gives me every good Whose power has forever stood Who joys in Father-Motherhood                                              thanks be! —Cheryl Ranson .

A song of gratitude

Dear Lord, I thank Thee that I did not get An answer to my prayer of long ago. In looking back, I see I asked amiss In praying for the things I longed for so.

A Reader’s silent prayer

Dear Father-Mother Life, Not from me to these, But from Thee the Christ    Goes out to all the world Today, As inspiration flows.   Beloved Father Truth, No sleep or judgment, Only joy attends!    We pray, for all these here Today, Strength to share Your message.

Facebook or the Good Book?

I wonder what our world would be like If the Bible became our Facebook, And we spent our hours researching its text, Finding joy and peace with each look. If we needed assurance that all was all right With our family and friends far or near, The Book has a message so clear and direct, “Be not afraid, God is here.