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Notice to all church members and friends

Occasionally, members, churches, societies, and associations contact The Mother Church about requests from people in the Field for financial assistance or donations. These solicitations may come via e-mail, include photos of what is conveyed as a Christian Science church or Reading Room, and request funds to do things such as the following:   operate what is portrayed to be a Christian Science Reading Room translate Christian Science publications and Bible Lessons* build or repair churches and/or Sunday Schools purchase electronics, food, visas, plane tickets, office or household goods assist with class instruction, association, or schooling expenses operate a school for children in a developing country provide a substantial number of Christian Science periodical subscriptions or books, especially to prison inmates support some type of charitable work or disaster relief obtain free Christian Science practitioner or nursing care In some cases, wonderful work is indeed being done, but over the decades, the church has issued warnings about illegitimate schemes imposed upon the Field, and the following notice from the June 28, 1958, issue of the Christian Science Sentinel offers sound advice still: Personal appeals for money or other charitable aid are not always genuine.

Removing a ‘traffic light’

There’s a story about a town that was so small it only had one traffic light in the entire town. In fact, after some time the people of the town realized they really didn’t have a need for even that single stoplight, so they decided to have it removed.

Forward steps for the Publishing Society

As The Christian Science Publishing Society prepares to take its next steps forward, it is helpful to pause in gratitude for the great progress already made, such as remarkable progress in the adoption of digital and Web-based publishing. Today online subscribers to The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald throughout the world have immediate access both to today’s periodicals and all past issues.

To mark or not to mark . . .

… that is the question being asked by some readers of The Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons as a result of a change in the number of citations in the Bible Lesson. In looking at the guidelines for compiling these Lessons, the Christian Science Board of Trustees asked if it was essential to limit the Bible Lesson Committee (BLC) to only 30 citations in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and 24 in the Bible.
Dear Fellow Members and Friends,  After four very full years of inspired and tireless work as a member of the Christian Science Board of Directors, Michael Pabst has requested to return to his home in Maine and devote himself to the practice and teaching of Christian Science, effective November 17. We are heartily grateful to both Michael and his wife, Julie—a fellow practitioner who has given her unwavering support during his tenure in Boston.
Here’s a trick anybody can do: Slip a sheaf of papers into a metal box in Anchorage, Alaska, or Oslo, Norway, and a few days later it will be in someone’s hands in Cape Town, South Africa, or Albuquerque, New Mexico. OK, you’ll need a stamp, but what the postal service does is still something of a miracle.

A new member of the Christian Science Board of Directors

Dear Fellow Members and Friends, With the deepest respect and warmest affection, the Christian Science Board of Directors has accepted a letter of intent from Nathan Talbot, CSB, to conclude his duties on the Board, and as Clerk of The Mother Church, on November 3, 2013. It’s nearly impossible to summarize in a short space the decades-long contribution Nate and his wife, Margie, have made to the Christian Science movement.
It’s a precious thing to hear someone reflecting on insights and lessons gained over a lifetime. When these lessons touch on subjects like God, prayer, healing, and church, they naturally bless the wider family and community.

Save the date

SAVE THE DATE—Monday, June 2, 2014 Annual Meeting of The Mother Church A live online-only   event you won’t want to miss. Join this global gathering of Mother Church members and friends from 58 countries, in one place online, to share reports of progress and look ahead to new opportunities for growth.
The annual election of officers of The Mother Church by the Christian Science Board of Directors, called for in the Church Manual, took place this year on Monday, June 3, prior to the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church. It is with delight that we announce the election of Judith (Judy) Hardy Olson, CSB, of Westport, Connecticut, and Norm Bleichman, CS, of Newburyport, Massachusetts, as First and Second Readers of The Mother Church respectively for the June 2013 to June 2016 readership term.