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George the Rhino

At last Jayden was old enough to join his dad on a trip to South Africa to visit his grandparents. He was so happy that he packed his bag immediately—even though it was still a long time before the trip!  Jayden especially loved to visit his grandparents because they lived on a farm that had wild animals.

God doesn’t make bullies

When I first went to school, there were two boys who were mean, sometimes three. I tried to play with them but they pushed me down.

I prayed for my brother

One day my brother Gavin and I were balancing on the couch. I pulled his foot out from under him.

Let’s be good porters!

Do you know what a castle looks like? Some castles were built with moats of water and drawbridges. Many others had a big locked-and-barred door.

God was telling me the way

Alex says … Here’s a healing from a cruise with my family. One night, my dad took my two brothers, my sister, and me to the arcade.

Love is what’s real

One morning I got up to get ready for school but didn’t feel well. It was going to be an art day, and I like art a lot.

Clear thought, clear skin

For a while, I had warts. They were mostly on one leg and foot.

God is All!

Once when I was playing football on the turf at my school, I slipped and hurt my leg. But I had learned that pain didn’t have power over me because God is Love and God is All.

When I said no to scary thoughts …

One recent winter I had many half days of school because of snow in our area. I was very excited for the weekend, too, because I had finished all of my homework and was looking forward to expressing joy in all of my weekend activities.

All is well

One evening I was cutting a bottle for a project. The cutter was very sharp, and it stuck in my hand.