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It was gone!

One day at school, I was writing, and I felt something on my hand. It was a hard bump.

When I wanted a puppy

I felt as if I’d been asking for a dog my whole life. But my dad wasn’t sure I was ready for the responsibility, so he gave me a challenge.

The boo-boo was gone!

I was walking in the woods with my grandma. We were kind of racing.

The ice skating show

Fancy moves! The ice skating show! These were the things I looked forward to when my parents signed me up for figure skating lessons. Figure skating sounded pretty cool, but the lessons and practice sessions weren’t easy.

The glass came out!

Daddy was helping me do a gymnastics move called a back hip circle on my bars in the playroom when I crashed into a picture. The picture was in a frame with glass in front of it.

Should I strike back?

When I was in middle school, there was a girl in my gym class who would take my shorts and T-shirt from my gym locker and throw them in the garbage can. Yuck! I’d never done anything mean to her, so I was confused.

Two special healings

One day I was walking to school with my mom, and my knee was hurting a lot. My mom noticed I was limping and asked what was wrong.

Let goodness grow

“I don’t like school anymore,” Melinda said sadly.   Her mom, who was reading a book in the den, looked up in surprise.

God is always with me

When I was at camp last summer, I had a really important healing. My friend Rachel and I went swimming in a pool that was 11 to 12 feet deep.

No great red dragon

Whoa, great red dragon! You sure look big and strong. You could be quite alarming If you weren’t a total wrong.