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Lost and found

I have a hamster named Bear. One time, Bear got out of his cage.

Batter up!

It was the third inning of play for my local baseball team, The Tri-Village Little League. I was in the batter’s box, ready to swing.

Nothing is too hard for God

“Can God heal animals?” I was taking a class on Christian Science, and that was one of the questions I asked my teacher. At home, we’d just had some kittens born to our mama cat.

How I prayed …

… when I was bullied By Ace I was at a park and went on the play structure. A girl was on there.

A ‘link’ worth checking out

Zabba, my niece’s little Maltese dog, needed a sweater! Because I like to knit, my niece asked if I could help make one. This sounded like a fun project, so I went online and searched for knitting patterns.

The thank you dance

Did you hear the story of the young humpback whale that got entangled in some  fishing nets? Some people in a small boat found the whale and worked hard, using only a small knife to cut the nets and free it. When they finally succeeded, the whale “danced” for them in the ocean, breaching and fin-slapping for over an hour.

Back to playtime

I go to Christian Science Sunday School with my older brother at a Christian Science Society and rely on prayer for my healings.   One day I was cutting an apple with a knife when my mother was not at home.

No making fun!

In a Bible story, there was a man named Jairus (see Mark 5:22–24, 35–43 ). He was a daddy and his daughter was sick.

Moving? Love will still be with you

When I was nine years old, Dad decided our family should move. A few months later, we were in our new house and I was about to start school in the middle of the semester.

Ready for school

You have a new box of crayons and some pencils and paper. You want to know more about your new teacher and your new classmates.