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For Kids

Pause and pray

A few months ago I hurt my toe. My mom saw that I was limping, and I told her what had happened.

Love and courage

I know a little girl named Joy who adored her baby brother Evan. She could hardly keep from hugging and kissing him every time she saw him! Evan thought Joy was pretty special, too.

My healing on cookie delivery day

My name is Caitlin, and I am in the fifth grade. One day, when I was seven, I was in my room when my sister called me and said, “We are going to pass out the Girl Scout cookies we sold.

Shine the light

One day I saw some spots on my body, and they were itchy. It started with just a few, but as the day passed there were more and more.

My softball story

One day after school my mom said I had a softball game. So I got ready, putting on my team shirt, socks, and cleats.

When Pintado came home

I have a dog called Pintado (which means “Spotty” in English). He used to live on the streets, and he was very skinny and poorly cared for.

Bullied? Don't give up!

In third grade, my best friend, whom I knew from kindergarten, was in my class. We were very happy.

A sweet song to sing

One time, I saw a little boy at the side of a swimming pool, grabbing on to his mom’s legs, refusing to let go. He didn’t want to jump into the water.

'Rock the ice!'

I play many sports, but ice hockey is definitely my favorite. I’m in fourth grade and have played hockey for six years.

Kids ask...How did God create Himself?

That’s an important question! Let’s look together at something the Bible says about God: “You are always the same. Years cannot change you” (Psalms 102:27, Contemporary English Version).