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The thank you dance

Did you hear the story of the young humpback whale that got entangled in some  fishing nets? Some people in a small boat found the whale and worked hard, using only a small knife to cut the nets and free it. When they finally succeeded, the whale “danced” for them in the ocean, breaching and fin-slapping for over an hour.

Back to playtime

I go to Christian Science Sunday School with my older brother at a Christian Science Society and rely on prayer for my healings.   One day I was cutting an apple with a knife when my mother was not at home.

No making fun!

In a Bible story, there was a man named Jairus (see Mark 5:22–24, 35–43 ). He was a daddy and his daughter was sick.

Moving? Love will still be with you

When I was nine years old, Dad decided our family should move. A few months later, we were in our new house and I was about to start school in the middle of the semester.

Ready for school

You have a new box of crayons and some pencils and paper. You want to know more about your new teacher and your new classmates.

Joy and the little mouse

Joy was in the youngest class at Sunday School. She was always so happy when it was Sunday because she loved to learn more about God.

What I learned from a healing

One day at school when I went to open my locker, I accidentally leaned on the open locker door beside me. The person next to me closed the locker without knowing my hand was there.

Hello, good thoughts! Goodbye, bad thoughts!

When I was a little kid, I sometimes had nightmares so scary that I’d wake up in the middle of the night. When this happened, I’d think back to some helpful things I was learning in Sunday School.

George the Rhino

At last Jayden was old enough to join his dad on a trip to South Africa to visit his grandparents. He was so happy that he packed his bag immediately—even though it was still a long time before the trip!  Jayden especially loved to visit his grandparents because they lived on a farm that had wild animals.

God doesn’t make bullies

When I first went to school, there were two boys who were mean, sometimes three. I tried to play with them but they pushed me down.