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Christmas every day

It was the dirtiest, skinniest, scaredest cat I’d ever seen. And what did I say when I first saw it? “Oh no! Not now!”  I had rescued puppies and kittens before, but not now! Christmas was almost here, and I had way too much to do.

Stuck with a bad habit? Not me!

My fingernails looked awful! Biting them was a bad habit. Bad habits can be hard to break.

Echo and the bees

My dog, Echo, is black with a little white stripe down his nose and floppy ears. He has lots of energy and is always ready to play.

I heard God!

We were going on a canoeing and caving trip! I was excited for another fun activity at the summer camp for Christian Scientists where I was spending several weeks.   For the trip, I wore a pair of thick blue jeans over my swim trunks.

God and the goldfish

In a cozy tank, in a sunny room, lives a fantail goldfish named Molly. Molly is a happy fish and likes to spend her days swimming and blowing bubbles.

Thank You, God, for my healing!

This summer, I was at a camp for Christian Scientists, and my stomach started hurting. I told my counselor about it, and she prayed with me.

Take another look

One morning, as the school day began, a new girl slipped into our classroom. Her name was Rosie, and she was tall, with olive skin and gray eyes.

It was gone!

One day at school, I was writing, and I felt something on my hand. It was a hard bump.

When I wanted a puppy

I felt as if I’d been asking for a dog my whole life. But my dad wasn’t sure I was ready for the responsibility, so he gave me a challenge.

The boo-boo was gone!

I was walking in the woods with my grandma. We were kind of racing.