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Eye on the World

What’s in the news—and how can you pray about it? Sentinel editors share some top stories, and links to articles that can fuel your prayers.

Values in banking need a deeper basis than fear of punishment – there needs to be honesty and trust.

We can best counter groups such as Islamic State by pouring light into their darkness.  

We each have a God-given ability to choose right thinking and acting.

The quality of thought that leads to creativity, productivity, and innovation.

Eye on the world: Loving your enemies

Loving enemies—including enemy countries—takes moral courage, spiritual strength, and love.

Eye on the world: Airline safety

Prayer to support aviation safety.

Eye on the world: Prayer for progress

Individual and global progress is happening in many ways.

Eye on the world: Uniting together for good

In the face of fear about terrorism by religious extremists in Europe and elsewhere, prayer that insists on the unifying, strengthening power of God, the one Mind, can support a healing outcome.

Eye on the world: Defanging extremism

The Paris attacks show the importance of prayer to disarm the hatred and malice underlying extremism.

Eye on the world: Prayer about refugees

Growing numbers of refugees who are fleeing war, instability, and lack of opportunity affect nations from Syria to the United States.