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Eye on the World

What’s in the news—and how can you pray about it? Sentinel editors share some top stories, and links to articles that can fuel your prayers.

Eye on the world: Peace for Israel and its neighbors

A growing number of important Israelis are arguing that their country should take the initiative to establish peace with its neighbors.

Eye on the World: For justice and peace in Mexico

The kidnapping of 43 Mexican students--and their murder--by a drug cartel and corrupt officials in Mexico has raised huge protests against lawlessness and injustice.

Eye on the world: Racial and religious harmony

Whether the need is to support efforts to address racial violence in places such as Ferguson, Missouri, in the United States, or to find peace and healing amid religious tensions around the world, prayer is needed to bring healing and open up effective  solutions.

Eye on the world: Thanksgiving

 In the United States, Thursday, November 27, will be celebrated as Thanksgiving. The official proclamation creating this holiday, which is often associated with the first European settlers, was made on October 3, 1863, by President Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War.

Eye on the world: Prayer for women’s rights

Despite gains women have made in narrowing the gender gap, global equality is likely to be more than a decade away. And violence against women continues.

Eye on the world: Prayer for a sense of home for all

The United Nations recently announced a campaign to end global statelessness within a decade. With an estimated 10 million stateless individuals around the world, prayer on the concept of “home” is an important support.

Eye on the world: Prayer for government

From the United States’ midterm elections to challenges regarding unified governance in other countries, such as Ukraine and Iraq, prayer to see God’s government in one’s own life as well as in the affairs of nations can have a healing influence. 

Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered and founded Christian Science, faced discrimination against women in her day. Our prayers for human rights can continue to support everyone’s freedom and progress.

Eye on the world: Healing and progress for all

Many people have prayed for Somalia to rise out of its ashes as a “failed state,” and now there’s some evidence that it is making progress. Also, Nigeria has been declared Ebola free.

A second case of the Ebola virus in the United States has been diagnosed, and many are working to rein in and control the spread of fear as well as the disease.