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Eye on the World

What’s in the news—and how might you pray about it? Sentinel editors share prayerful insights into news stories from around the world, and provide links to related articles on JSH-Online.

Eye on the world: Responding to terrorism

Humanity’s embrace of the victims of Islamic State expresses the all-encompassing love that defies hatred.

Eye on the world: Embracing the displaced

The Bible teaches us to love each other. As those fleeing war-torn parts of the world settle elsewhere, bringing diversity to a community, the same love needs to embrace all.

Eye on the world: Preserving childlike innocence

Mary Baker Eddy defines children as “the spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures p. 582). The innocence of children is worthy of our prayers to thwart child exploitation.

Eye on the world: Feeding humanity

“Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?” (Psalms 78:19). We see evidence of God’s unlimited supply meeting the human need as famine is being eradicated.

Eye on the world: The true parent

The one true parent, God, cares for and nurtures each child, even when human families face challenging circumstances.

Eye on the world: The promise in unity

Unity among people and nations represents what is natural, evidencing the spiritual fact that true unity stems from God and is upheld by divine law.

There’s a spiritual basis for the kind of cooperation and teamwork that supports healing and progress in the world.

Eye on the world: Harmony amid diversity

Regardless of our race, nationality, income, or other human labels, our true identity is the spiritual reflection of God. So it’s natural for each of us to express spiritual qualities such as joy and love in unique ways—and to welcome the unique expression of such qualities in others.

Even in challenging times, we can discover our inherent worth and value: our true, spiritual identity as God’s reflection.

The spiritual fact that we all have an established place in the kingdom of God, who provides us with all we need, can empower our prayers in the face of people increasingly finding housing to be unaffordable in many cities.