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'We thank Thee for work in the wide harvest field'

We thank Thee for work in the wide harvest field, For gladness that ripens when sorrow is healed; Made strong with Thy goodness that meets every need, We gather the fruit of the Sower’s good seed. —William P.

Always prepared for honest labor

In August 2011, I began attending a college in the United States and started playing on its soccer team. I hadn’t played or exercised at all in six years, and after about four days of training, I started to feel a sharp pain on the top parts of each of my feet.

Few scriptural verses so beautifully enunciate the omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence of God as those of Psalm 139. Through the teachings of Christian Science, the spiritual meaning of this psalm resonates with comforting, healing power.

‘I have to have that book!’

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer” ( Psalms 19:14 ).   My search for God began several decades ago.

The Love that’s ‘enough’

Is there enough employment for those who seek it? Is there enough food for those who are hungry? Enough home, peace, and hope for those who need them? Enough healing for the infirm? What can provide so much for so many? There is a reliable source of health, harmony, and provision—and it is infinite and always available for us to turn to. That source is God, divine Love.

A hike through ‘The Narrows’ and a widening view

It’s encouraging to know that a recognition of all that is spiritually real brings situations into view in their true light.   I love how this concept is explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy: “The realization that all inharmony is unreal brings objects and thoughts into human view in their true light, and presents them as beautiful and immortal.

What do we hunger for?

What do we hunger for? What sustains us? On one level, at least, a good deal of thought, time, energy, and effort goes into answering that question. Physical scientists are always looking for answers on how to feed the hungry and how to harvest food more humanely and efficiently.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel Overcoming frightening thoughts by Alice Moseley When the world seems a scary place, we can turn to God for a calming view of what’s really going on. for more, visit:  sentinel.

My innocence was intact

During a study abroad, this author was enjoying an evening of practicing her new language with the locals when she was caught off-guard by one man's inappropriate advances. Prayer not only healed her of the aftereffects of the incident, but it also gave her a deeper understanding of each individual's spiritual innocence.

Always inseparably connected with God

Volunteering at church or in a prison. Running a concert series.