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United through Love

I attend a Christian Science Sunday School, where I learn about the Bible and Christ Jesus’ healing works. I also learn that God is infinite good and that His creation is good.

Charting the world's progress

I like to keep up with the world’s challenges and progress by reading The Christian Science Monitor, and I enjoy the “People Making a Difference” column. Having relied on prayer for many years, I’ve learned that the spiritual truths seen in prayer can reach around the world and help others in ways we may never know.

Stand by the limpid lake

Stand by the limpid lake, sleeping amid willowy banks dyed with emerald. … Then, in speechless prayer, ask God to enable you to reflect God, to become His own image and likeness, even the calm, clear, radiant reflection of Christ’s glory, ….

Maintaining a spiritual altitude

Back some years, when you boarded a commercial aircraft, you could peek into the cockpit and be suitably impressed by that vast bank of complex instruments and equipment. As a former United States Air Force air traffic controller, frequent international business flyer, and private pilot student, I am still fascinated by all those panels, and by what they help to achieve.

God's husbanding love

“Thy Maker is thine husband” ( Isaiah 54:5 ). These five words from the Bible caught my attention many years ago.

The jasper stone

Jasper can be found in many different colors: red, yellow, brown, or green, to name a few. In modern times it describes an opaque quartz, but in ancient times it described a translucent green stone.

What are we trying to prove?

During my early prayers recently, I had an epiphany. For over a year I had heard various people say either that healing wasn’t going on or that if we wanted to build up the Christian Science movement, we needed to do better healing.

Subduing self-righteousness

Have you ever felt so right about something that you saw no need to go to God? Has your own sense of righteousness replaced everything else, including God? I have found that when we allow self to enter righteousness and crowd out God’s righteousness, we lose the ability to know the difference between divine wisdom and human opinion; between what is right and what is wrong. To be self-righteous is to be convinced of one’s own rightness, especially in contrast with the beliefs and actions of others.


Helpful article [ “Can a ‘miracle’ really occur?” Nate Frederick, August 18, 2014, Sentinel ] What a helpful article. I love the analogy of the light beam shining outward.

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Christian Science Sentinel Through the storm to still waters by Pamela Machtel “In the midst of weathering the storm, we found that our radio was down. We realized all human help was gone, but we also acknowledged God’s promise was with us.