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The power of spiritual ideas

A delightful little story for children casts a sunbeam in the role of messenger of cheer to a lonely child. The sunbeam offers to take the little girl for a ride on his back, but she doubts that he can carry her.

All is well

One evening I was cutting a bottle for a project. The cutter was very sharp, and it stuck in my hand.

A church centered on healing

Christian Science found me. Many years ago, beginning life on my own after college, I started exploring the paranormal, which includes theosophy, astrology, and numerology.

That Truth gives promise of a dawn

That Truth gives promise of a dawn Beneath whose light I am to see, When all these blinding veils are drawn, Thy love has always guided me. —Samuel Johnson, Christian Science Hymnal, No.

Room to pray between a rock and a hard place

Several years after I began to study Christian Science, my family was having financial difficulties. During this time, I had Primary class instruction, which was a huge support in my efforts to turn away from a material picture of lack and fear and pray to overcome it.

Acknowledging present good at hand

Whether we are waiting for a job, exam results, a spouse, or a physical healing, waiting can be a difficult time if our life feels on hold and our future seems to be in the hands of others, or of circumstances.   On the other hand, waiting can be a period of spiritual preparation, of eliminating obstacles and clearing the path ahead.

The healing touch of Love

Healing is the most wonderful means with which to worship God, because nothing else proves God’s presence and love in quite the same way. Healing through Christian Science provides concrete evidence of the truth of what this Science teaches us about God and our relationship to Him.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast The Lord’s Prayer and childlike trust bring healing by Johanna Bless An inspired study of the Lord’s Prayer and Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual interpretation of that prayer healed Johanna of intense wrist pain. for more, visit: sentinel.

Prisoners set free

Note to readers: This article was written near the end of World War II. The many prisoners of war at that time prompted the thoughts shared in this article.

Never left out

This past summer I was at the beach with my family. One day I was walking back from the pool to our villa, and my legs became very irritated.