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Sunday School students from South Africa share …

By Katherine Brokensha, university student Last year was both an exciting and a challenging year for me, as I moved far away from home to start my first year of university. One morning I woke up feeling weak and had a headache, and the symptoms got worse throughout the day.

A foundation for life

Of all the classes I’ve taken in my life, Christian Science class instruction was the one that I valued the most. What I learned in class has continued to bless me more and more, year after year.

Stop the procession!

There is always so much to learn from Christ Jesus’ teachings. He brings out in many ways the suprem­acy of God, good, and God’s power over the lie and the liar, as Jesus called it—the nothingness of error and evil.

Finding peace in God’s oneness

I have always loved peace, deeply desired peace in the world, and striven to be a peacemaker. However, this past year I found myself challenged more than ever by the notion that people can be so different from each other and misunderstand each other so completely that they experience a deep sense of division instead of peace and unity.

God meets our needs

When I retired from work and began the process of collecting my pension, I immediately ran into a roadblock. I had gotten divorced some years earlier, and at that time I’d had to pay my ex-husband a portion of my pension and my 401(k).

Understanding God brings healing

The Christian church of my childhood taught me to love Jesus, and I fully accepted its teachings. Later, I enrolled in a missionary training school to follow my dream of becoming a missionary.

On the web

The Christian Science Journal A unity built on Love by Steve Berrie “I was beginning to see the impossibility, in divine Science, of many minds and, therefore, many opinions, many agendas, and many differences. ” for more, visit: journal.

This is Christmas!

It was Christmas Eve, and I was on a flight headed north to visit my brother and his family. It was a crowded flight, and I was in the back of the plane in a window seat sitting next to a sweet, non-English speaking couple.

The whole picture

This past summer I was a counselor-in-training (CIT) at a summer camp for Christian Scientists. The summer was filled with new experiences, revelations, and lots of new chances to demonstrate Christian Science.

Praying with precision

Though I had been looking forward to Christian Science Primary class instruction, I hadn’t known just how wonderful it would be. It’s hard to put such a remarkable and healing experience into words.