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Spiritual education of our children

To a Christian Scientist, the right education of a child begins with a recognition of the child’s real identity—his whole and complete individuality as the offspring of God, the spiritual idea of perfect Mind. One’s great desire, as parent or friend, is to help the young person to recognize and bring out more clearly his true individuality—his intelligence, talents, capabilities, and worth—as the child of divine Love, the image of God.

Nothing could hold me back

Ever since my first year of summer camp, when I overcame homesickness, I’ve used the analogy that we are like snails and turtles, taking our home with us wherever we go. I like the idea that our home isn’t a place; our true home is our consciousness of God’s presence, where we can feel loved, and close to our family and friends, whether they are physically with us or not.

Nourishing my practice

I had been raised in Christian Science, but when I was in college, I heard several talks by a Christian Science lecturer that impelled me to dig more deeply into my study and practice of it. I was particularly struck by the idea of having a joyous approach to practicing Christian Science.

Christian Science healing

Christian Science healing is “the Spirit and the bride,”—the Word and the wedding of this Word to all human thought and action,—that says: Come, and I will give thee rest, peace, health, holiness. The sweet flowers should be to us His apostles, pointing away from matter and man up to the one source, divine Life and Love, in whom is all salvation from sin, disease, and death.

Prayer at the gym

“Clunk!” A minute before, I had been sitting on a wooden bleacher at the university gym, watching a classmate jumping on the trampoline. As I started to slide my heavy winter coat off my shoulders, I suddenly had a strong inclination—almost like a command: “Stand up to take off your coat.

Yielding to our divine Parent

Not just trust. Childlike trust.

A timeless invitation to healing

The Gospel of John speaks of a pool by the sheep market at Jerusalem, where many people in need of healing waited for the waters to be troubled. They believed that whoever was first to step in after the water was stirred would be cured of whatever disease he or she had.

The freedom that is ours

As I was sitting at my dining room table one morning recently, looking out at my favorite view of the backyard, where there is a beautiful oak tree, I saw dozens of robins flitting about. Some were in the tree, some were on the fence separating my property from my neighbor’s, and many were sitting on my birdbath.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast We are spiritual, not material by Priscilla Tedesco Priscilla shares an insight she got into the last line of “the scientific statement of being” found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and how it brought healing. for more, visit: sentinel.

A parable of persistence

Christ Jesus taught the need of persistence in prayer. One means he used for this teaching was the parable, the homely tale from which a moral or a spiritual lesson may be taken.