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A sweet song to sing

One time, I saw a little boy at the side of a swimming pool, grabbing on to his mom’s legs, refusing to let go. He didn’t want to jump into the water.

The answer I was seeking

I learned a big lesson about divine guidance years ago when I was looking for a Christian Science teacher from whom I could take Primary class instruction. That lesson stuck with me, and it still feels like fresh manna today.

'Hope for the best,' or expect good?

Have you ever heard the saying “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”? Sometimes it can feel easier to expect that bad things are going to happen rather than good things. Or that good things happen only to other people, and not to you.

Unafraid to share

Have you ever watched small children playing with toys? One sits happily playing, then another one comes along and wants to join in. How does the first child respond? Some are happy to share their toys, seeing why someone else would like to have them.

Delivered from danger

As I looked down at our road map, I heard the squeal of tires as a large vehicle came rapidly to a stop next to us. I looked up to see a drab-green truck with a.

Persistence in healing

K en Girard, a Christian Science practitioner from Arlington, Massachusetts, was the guest on this live Sentinel  question-and-answer event. For over 30 years Ken was a professional composer, pianist, and teacher of classical music, holding degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music.

On the Web

Christian Science Sentinel No foxes! by Fenella Bennetts “If something’s out of balance, or appearing to contaminate the purity and harmony of home—or anything in the orderliness of our lives —saying No Foxes! would be much like saying no to any disruptive elements. I would then be free to recognize the harmony and order of God’s spiritual creation.

The slippery slope of stereotypes—Say no!

The temptation to stereotype others melts away.

My introduction to the Comforter

Read how this Christian Science nurse was led to Christian Science.

Breaking the ice with Christian Science

“If you found God, and He gave you hope, would it be your secret?” sings British pop star Gary Barlow. I’ve often thought about that question.