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Church—don’t miss out

Think you’re not missing anything by not going to church? Think again.

'Thy radiance is so pure, so free'

Thy radiance is so pure, so free,    So beautiful and swift to bless, That by reflection constantly    We manifest Thy tenderness. —Robert Ellis Key, Christian Science Hymnal, No.

When I went to get my learner’s permit

Last summer, I really wanted to get my learner’s permit so I could start practicing driving. But taking tests of any kind has always felt hard to me.

Finding spiritual fulfillment

In 1964, a religious teacher came from overseas to the United States on a tour. My in-laws were host to him for a few days, and from there he went to a prayer meeting at another relative’s house.

A mother’s prayer for refugees

“I just want to know what to do. ” These were the words of a Syrian woman who had just come to Greece only to find that the border had been closed.

No heart for resentment

Recently I was moved by a podcast interview with Congressman John Lewis, a former leader in the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. In response to a question about how he dealt with the vicious verbal and physical abuse he faced during nonviolent protests, he said: “In all of the years since, I’ve not had any sense of bitterness or ill feeling toward any of the people.

Increased income of love

The natural beauty of the Alaskan Kenai Peninsula has been captured by the TV reality show Alaska: The Last Frontier. The show features a family who has been homesteading there for generations.

Mercy, needed for civil discourse

After recently watching a debate on television where warring politicians lacked courtesy in civil discourse, I went to the Bible looking for answers. The significance of the word mercy, mentioned many times throughout the Bible from the Old to the New Testament, was relevant to me in this instance.

On the web

Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Chat Replay Expectation of spiritual good with Janet Hegarty On this chat, Janet answered questions such as: Can you explain what spiritual good is? How can one expect good when one’s life has been fraught with disappointments? How can I expect good for my children when they seem to have inherited a chronic illness? And how do you expect spiritual good when you feel the problems you have result from your own mistakes? Janet responded to these questions and others with the assurance that because God is Love, we must have, and be blessed by, the spiritual good that constitutes His spiritual creation. And as we understand our true spiritual identity, healing abound​s​.

Get unstuck

This author wondered how she could get Christian Science to work for her. But then a passage from Science and Health changed her approach entirely—and brought healing.