One morning, I had a severe headache that was interfering with my work, my attitude, and my joy. Finally, I realized that I needed to pray about it.

Over a long period of years, I've found that, in times of illness, turning to prayer provides comprehensive healing. Prayer uplifts thought, and heals the discomfort itself. It also brings other unforeseen spiritual blessings to life. This was the kind of healing that I felt I needed.

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As I took time to commune with God, I began to pray a prayer that Mary Baker Eddy gave to little children as a New Year's gift. It goes:

Father-Mother God,
Loving me,—
Guard me when I sleep;
Guide my little feet
Up to Thee.

(Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 400)

I went through every line of the poem and prayed with it. As I did, I thought about God as the Creator, protector, and nourisher, indeed the Father-Mother, of all mankind, including me. God did not make, ordain, or condone the discomfort that I was feeling. I realized that my Father-Mother God loved me, as God loves every one of His/Her children.

I felt that God was sending sustaining angels, or thoughts of good, to me right then and there. I thought of two angels, Gabriel and Michael, mentioned in the Bible, and of their spiritual characteristics as described in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (see pp. 566–567). Gabriel is the angel of love, who nourishes, comforts, and sustains each of us. Michael is the guardian angel protecting and defending all of God's creation against any manifestation of evil. I realized that these loving, protecting angels of God keep constant watch over me, guarding me from any harm or pain. And this was so, even in sleep, which to me meant whenever I was not awake to my spiritual being and thought that I was limited to, or defined by, materiality.

I was reminded that Christ, the voice of Truth, was with me to wake me up to my spiritual and physical freedom. And I welcomed the healing Christ into my consciousness. This prayer met my human need and guided me to know God's omnipotent love for me, right at that moment. My thoughts were being led up to my Father-Mother—I was uplifted to a greater and broader understanding of God, who held me in perfect, painless love.

At that point, I was able to understand God more clearly. I affirmed that God is the Principle of all eternity. God is the omnipresent Spirit. God is every action in the spiritual universe that has no beginning and no end. God is the Creator, even of the concept of creation. Therefore, I could conceive creation as without start or stop, new every moment, not dependent on anything previous. Infinite newness is comprised only of unchanging goodness. Because of this, I could demand and expect perfection, regardless of how I had felt during any past moment. I could deny any real existence to pain and discomfort.

By the time these inspirations had sunk in, my thought was uplifted to the point that it was natural for me to demonstrate these joyous thoughts in action. I began by being kinder, more patient, more understanding; in short, more loving. And on the heels of this came healing. Within less than half an hour, I was fully free of all discomfort. I was full of joy and was happy to share it.

I am very grateful for Truth, as I have learned it in Christian Science, which is available to all.


Testimony of Healing
February 20, 2006

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