Prayer restores perfect vision

Approximately three years ago, I began to experience deterioration of my vision, a condition often associated with aging and heredity (I was the only member of my family who had never worn glasses). My profession as a composer/pianist/ teacher requires that I read throughout the day, and my vision seemed to become increasingly less clear, to the point where notes and words were very blurred. I, of course, treated myself metaphysically, yet the situation continued to degenerate. I was having difficulty reading the Lesson-Sermon (found in the Christian Science Quarterly), the Bible, and Mrs. Eddy's writings. As a result of deep ongoing prayer during the summer of 1997, it seemed prudent to visit an optometrist and procure eye glasses. I believed, however, that wearing glasses would be only a temporary measure and that I would continue my daily prayer and my professional work.

Although I continued to pray to counter the beliefs associated with deteriorating eyesight, gradually the focus of my daily prayer changed to other areas of my life that needed attention. During this period my understanding of my spiritual identity as an idea of our Father-Mother God continued to grow. Finally, one Saturday late in March of 1998, I began experiencing considerable discomfort in my eyes while I was wearing the glasses. As we normally do, my wife and I attended the Sunday church service the following day. At the beginning of the service, my wife was holding my eye glasses. When the first hymn was about to be sung, the thought came clearly to me that I was healed and no longer needed to wear glasses. I sang the hymn — seeing the notes and the text effortlessly, without my glasses! Throughout the day, I read with complete ease and freedom. I knew that I was healed, and could see more clearly than ever my inherent and permanent spiritual vision — the eternal, never-aging quality of my being as

Testimony of Healing
Back pain and knee injury healed
June 21, 1999

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