A business turnaround through prayer

The past year has been an especially challenging one for business owners, as I know firsthand. For my small business, 2020 started off very slowly amid much uncertainty related to the pandemic. My company was missing out on several business opportunities that we normally participated in.

But it wasn’t until my largest customer shut me out of a big project that I realized my business was trending in a negative direction. This particular customer has a policy of always using two suppliers for every project, but I was told that this time they had awarded all their business to my competitor, primarily because of a misunderstanding of my proposal. It seemed incredible to me that the customer had somehow misinterpreted my proposal and, uncharacteristically, had not even contacted me for clarification. 

The good God supplies all creation is like a mighty river—flowing, uninterrupted and unobstructed.

To top it all off, daily reports about the pandemic presented a negative and depressing outlook for many businesses as well as the world in general. I felt dragged down by these reports and by my business situation, and I did not look forward to going to my office in the days that followed. 

As a lifelong student of Christian Science, I knew this negativity and malaise could be healed, as could the circumstances that seemed to be causing them. I made it my daily goal to uplift my thought through a spiritual understanding of both God and my relation to God. I put special emphasis on starting each day with the study of that week’s Bible Lesson provided in the Christian Science Quarterly, and I read many articles from The Christian Science Journal and Sentinel. 

As a result of this regular study and prayer, I was more inspired and felt much closer to God. I continued to pray daily to understand that God is the source of all good, and that because God is infinite, His goodness is infinite and can’t run out. In fact, the good that God supplies for all creation is like a mighty river—flowing uninterrupted and unobstructed. I reasoned that God, good, was the only thing that was really going on in my experience and in the entirety of God’s creation.

Over the next several weeks, the negative business situations were reversed one by one. And my largest customer? They came back to me with a new set of opportunities that would keep our business working for the entire year. And I wasn’t the only one blessed by this turnaround. This customer’s return also affected the factory I contracted, whose several hundred employees benefited from this much-needed work opportunity.

Several hundred factory employees benefited from this much-needed work opportunity.

As 2020 came to a close, I realized that this had been one of the most successful of the past 25 years for my business. But more important to me was that it had been a time of great spiritual growth. Consistent prayer along with study of the weekly Bible Lesson established a firm foundation for me each day. And daily reading of the Christian Science periodicals was the icing on the cake. I am deeply grateful to the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, for establishing the Church of Christ, Scientist, and for providing us with these study tools that are so helpful in our spiritual growth.

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