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Immediate healing? It’s possible!

Struggling with painful ankles during a hike, this counselor-in-training wanted to be healed through prayer but was concerned a healing could take time. A spiritual insight proved her wrong—and brought freedom.

A truly satisfying alternative to bingeing

Bingeing. The word may conjure up lighthearted images of not being able to say no to the next video offering on Netflix or YouTube, or of young men and women unable to peel themselves away from their video gaming.

Which thoughts are you listening to?

This high school sophomore felt ready for his school trip—rafting the rapids in Idaho. Then, just days before his departure, he faced an even bigger challenge: illness, which threatened to keep him from the trip. Read on to find out what brought healing just in time.

When you have too much to do

After she spent sophomore year feeling overwhelmed, this high school student was ready for a change. Learning more about God as her source helped her think differently about her schoolwork and other demands and propelled her into her junior year feeling calmer and closer to God.

What good is revenge?

A cursory look at literature, popular culture, historical events, and current trends in thought might give the impression that vengeance is not only acceptable but perhaps an inevitable response to injustice. Yet public attitudes toward revenge are mixed.

A quick healing of a football injury

An injury during a football game had this player wondering if he’d be able to join his team for its upcoming district match. But as he prayed, he gained a new conviction that he could be healed—without delay.

Rebuilding: An opportunity for spiritual renewal

Editor's Note: Dear Readers, This week, the deadly bombings in Sri Lankan churches make us cry out in sorrow for those facing a far more pronounced and personal sense of loss, and we invite you to join us in addressing this, too, through prayer. This latest news comes after the fire last week at Notre Dame.

What I’ve learned about procrastination

After procrastinating on a major project, this high school student had only one night to finish it, and everything seemed to be going wrong. That’s when she learned a spiritual lesson that not only helped her with her project but also changed her attitude about procrastination.

A spiritual barometer of humanity’s progress

As Editor of the international newspaper The Christian Science Monitor, I sometimes feel I would like to illustrate Monitor stories like a comic book. Every once in a while, a sentence in the Monitor hits me so hard it seems to need a good “KAPOW!” That happened most recently when I was reading a cover story in the weekly print Monitor.

Finding balance: Look at the big picture

There I was, sitting on the couch, close to tears. “There has to be a better way.