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When my boyfriend crossed the line

After she gave in to her boyfriend’s repeated pressure to go farther than she was comfortable going, this author had to face a challenging question: Could she possibly forgive him?

Universal Love: Road map to a less violent world

The recent mass shootings in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, have left countless people once again feeling helpless and vulnerable. There’s an immediate and heartfelt desire within many, including me, to pray for the victims of these crimes.

A healing of celiac disease

At eleven she was diagnosed with celiac disease. But when her mom married a Christian Scientist, this author discovered that perhaps she didn’t have to live the rest of her life with an incurable illness.

Answering the call from hungering hearts—wherever we are

For most of my adult life, I was an American living in Africa, in five different countries. It was an enriching experience, whether my family and I were in Togo, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, or Liberia.

How I got rid of a grudge

After being unkind to each other in person and on social media, these two friends thought their friendship was over. But one of them wasn’t content to hold on to a grudge, and—even though it was hard—started trying to live by Jesus’ words and forgive his friend.

Are you proud of me yet?

In spite of a multitude of accomplishments, this teenager never felt good enough. Instead, she continued to yearn for—and strive for—her parents’ praise … until she discovered something a whole lot more satisfying.

What am I supposed to think about the bad stuff?

When bad things happen, what are we supposed to think? And how can we reconcile our faith in God as All and all good with the fact that we still see awful stuff in the world around us? “I’ve never found answers by staring at the bad stuff,” says this author. Her answer? Look toward God instead.

Should I sleep with him?

When she ran into a good-looking guy far from home, this author found things moving fast—and she was into it. But right at the moment when they were about to sleep together, something even better happened—something that’s continued to help and bless her even years later. 

No more stage fright

How did this author go from debilitating stage fright to being able to sing freely in front of an audience? Learning more about Christ Jesus’ teachings proved to be the key.

Effective prayer—wherever you are

We arrived at the Samaria Gorge in Crete, Greece, just as the sun was rising. The sunbeams bathed the towering rocks in a warm light, and I was excited to begin our 11-mile descent down the gorge.