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Is suicide the path to peace?

As a college student, this woman was consumed by everything that was wrong with her life, and the “out” of suicide seemed like the only answer. Then a friend gave her a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

Stress-free—right now

Whether you’re about to take final exams, or simply facing yet another test during the school year, consider this: You don’t have to wait for the test, or the school year, to be over to find a release from stress.

Hypnotized? Not me.

“Hypnotism” might not sound like something you have to worry about. This teen discovered that rejecting hypnotism, or hypnotic thoughts, is essential to effective and quick healing.

God’s guidance—even on tests

With just a few weeks to go before her Advanced Placement Calculus exam, this high school student felt panicked about passing the test. Prayer brought a change to her perspective—and calm confidence on test day.

Yes—you can hear God consistently

One teen wanted to know: How can I hear God more consistently? While there’s no formula, here are a few ideas about praying and hearing God that one author has found helpful.

Lost and found

Separated from his traveling companions in a foreign country, this author discovered that he wasn’t really alone. God was there, and he could trust God’s direction—completely.

Tackling peer pressure—with prayer

When this college student found himself in a group of friends who kept “trash-talking” about girls, he knew he needed to do something. But could he stand up to peer pressure and still keep his friends? Prayer opened the way.

Use your ‘superpower’

Ever felt an intuitive nudge to do something that seemed to defy logic? That might have been your spiritual sense at work. Read on to find out how you can have more of these spiritual sense moments, and why they matter.

No judgment

Religion often gets a bad rap for being “judgmental.” But this author offers a different take on what Christian Science is all about.

Are you being manipulated?

Social media mavens, advertisers, and even politicians all want one thing: your attention and buy-in. How can we protect ourselves from these subtle and not-so-subtle influences? One basic but powerful spiritual fact offers help and freedom.