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The divine influence

We can authoritatively reject notions of contagion, knowing our health is eternally maintained by God, our divine Father-Mother.

Christly compassion in healing

When we express Christly compassion, we subdue fear and open the door for healing. 

Praying for the world

Praying for the world effectively begins with seeing God’s creation, which is perfect, harmonious, and eternally complete.

Trusting God’s divine order

Trusting in God’s timing, rather than our own, brings peace and perfect unfoldment for everyone involved.

Leaving it to God’s unfoldment

When we turn to God for guidance, finding a new home, or solving any of life’s challenges, becomes a joyful, spiritual experience.

Moving in divine Love

This author finds healing in knowing that God’s qualities are always expressed, regardless of circumstance.

The divine possibilities

God’s abundance is reliable and present now, always available to meet any need.

A Facebook healing

Dispelling a belief in many minds allowed this author to resolve inharmonious reunion preparations into a joyful experience with old friends.

Finding our God-given employment

Working in the field of human resources for over ten years, I had many occasions to prove that each of us is God’s idea, or image, and as such we are complete, expressing the infinite spiritual capacities and qualities of God. Because we are “God’s masterpieces,” so to speak—expressing His own perfection—we’re able to develop and employ our individual, spiritually based talents and abilities.

Living harmoniously and friction-free

A painful knee challenged this author to find a new, healing view of sharing and cooperation.