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'Pennies from heaven'

A beloved song and family tradition take on new meaning when this author experiences loss and turns to God for comfort.

Thank you, Lucky and Bo-Bo

Protection on the freeway

Nothing is ever beyond God’s control.

Newtown a year later: We choose love

The outpouring of love since last year’s tragic shooting at an elementary school in my community has been colossal. Not only did I know people who were directly affected, everyone I know here did as well.

The Christmas Eve spirit

The feeling inside of eagerness—eagerness to show our love and affection for others, to spend time with cherished family members, to commemorate the Christ’s appearance on the human scene—is stirring, vitalizing, awakening.

Volleyball and the ‘sandwich prayer’

Prayer helps a young athlete when she feels discouraged.

Nelson Mandela's roads

The two roads Nelson Mandela identified as moving South Africa forward, "Goodness and Forgiveness," were the pathways he chose as a statesman and champion of freedom and human rights.

A Christmas message

A poem.

Boundless Light

A review of the new collection of poetry from The Christian Science Publishing Society.

Why gratitude packs a surprising punch

I rolled my eyes; my heart sank. I had drawn the “gratitude card.