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Patience and persistence — healing by healing

Time is not a factor to be feared when it comes to healing.

Thanksgiving: Goodness everywhere!

This Thanksgiving, we can feel a heart full of praise for God’s abundant gifts.

Nothing can’t stop you

Each of us has a unique composition, life-song, or melody written by God that is indelible and untouched by death.

Hang on tight

Steadfastly recognizing the kindness in all of God’s children.

My journey home

A global traveler shares how she’s found a sense of home, wherever she is, by recognizing God’s constant care.

'Rebel' against hurricanes

When a hurricane threatened the Eastern United States, the author prayed to know that God is in complete and total control.

Counteracting hate

When different groups of people are accused of hate and intolerance, and violence erupts, how can prayer contribute to healing?

Safe steering with God

This writer was delivered safely out of harm’s way through reliance on God.

Found: my wallet and my true identity

A lost wallet prompts this writer to pray deeply about the concepts of identity and place.

The tiles of many colors

After a break-up, this writer finds the freeing power of understanding how God cares for her.