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Teachable moments

A spilled ink cartridge and a disagreement in a store lead to a powerful lesson in humility and what it means to be childlike.

Sufficiency in Spirit

When we’re in dire straits, what we have to give can’t be underestimated.

From juvenile hall, a Christmas to remember

A Christian Science chaplain witnesses a beautiful Christmas lesson in a juvenile hall.

Prayers for Sandy Hook

Our prayers can have a healing, uplifting influence in Connecticut and around the world.

Uniting in prayer in Newtown

A prayer meeting in Newtown, Connecticut, the night after the school shooting points to the comforting and healing power of God, divine Love.

Peace and quiet in December

Boycott holiday festivities? No need! Find refreshment in quiet moments with God. 

The light that outshines tragedy

The light of the Christ guides us out of darkness—even the apparent darkness of a senseless attack.

No hostility

Faced with resentment from her neighbors, this writer prays for a higher view of mankind as one united expression of God.

The inescapable Jesus

A review of Who is this Man? by John Ortberg.

Angels shine at Christmastime

Tempted to jump in and “fix” things? Let angels do their job.