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Your Healings

Safety on the river

After a rafting accident dumped their guide in a churning river, this teen needed to keep her wits about her to help her fellow campers. But staying calm seemed impossible … until she heard a clear message from God.

Which thoughts are you listening to?

This high school sophomore felt ready for his school trip—rafting the rapids in Idaho. Then, just days before his departure, he faced an even bigger challenge: illness, which threatened to keep him from the trip. Read on to find out what brought healing just in time.

Immediate healing? It’s possible!

Struggling with painful ankles during a hike, this counselor-in-training wanted to be healed through prayer but was concerned a healing could take time. A spiritual insight proved her wrong—and brought freedom.

Turning to prayer first

Even though she’d seen other healings in her family, this teen author found it hard to turn to prayer first when problems came up … until a healing proved to her that God really is the best place to go for help.

How I got rid of a grudge

After being unkind to each other in person and on social media, these two friends thought their friendship was over. But one of them wasn’t content to hold on to a grudge, and—even though it was hard—started trying to live by Jesus’ words and forgive his friend.

A healing at the end of the school year

This student couldn’t wait for the end of the school year … until he was hit with a sore throat. Read on to find out how prayer helped turn things around.

A healing of celiac disease

At eleven she was diagnosed with celiac disease. But when her mom married a Christian Scientist, this author discovered that perhaps she didn’t have to live the rest of her life with an incurable illness.

A quick healing of a football injury

An injury during a football game had this player wondering if he’d be able to join his team for its upcoming district match. But as he prayed, he gained a new conviction that he could be healed—without delay.

The message that saved my life

One teen recalls the first time he distinctly heard God’s voice—and how it saved his life.

When things don’t go the way you planned

When none of the opportunities this college student had planned for herself ended up working out, she initially felt frantic. But soon, prayer led her to the surprising realization that instead of planning and striving, she could trust God.