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Helping a suicidal friend

She was desperate to help a friend who wanted to take his own life. But her friend wasn’t interested in God or Christian Science. What could she do? This teen prayed—and found answers.

I never thought I’d choose to stop drinking

Drinking was a big part of her social life, but when this writer discovered a deeper form of happiness than she’d ever found while drinking, she decided she might even be willing to give up alcohol. But how would her friends react?

Trying to get a job?

His prospects for getting a job as an inexperienced college freshman seemed … nonexistent. So it came as a surprise when he felt an insistent nudge from God leading him to go talk to a potential employer.

Why did I sign up for this class?

She thought a college class was going to be fun. Instead, it turned out to be completely overwhelming. Prayer healed her of her anxiety and opened the way for success.

Better than a dream school

She’d visited a college she loved, but that college didn’t fit in with her plan. Read on to find out how this college applicant prayed for direction and got some surprising answers.

The worst/best freshman year ever

 This college freshman thought she was missing out when all her friends were having picture-perfect freshman years and she was stuck living at home and attending a not-so-prestigious school. Read on to find out how she turned her year around.

Where are you looking for your worth?

This high school senior should have been feeling excited about graduation and her upcoming college experience, but instead she was feeling less-than and unworthy. Getting a spiritual understanding of her God-given value helped her stop the comparisons and find a deeper, more lasting sense of worth.

Competing for a spot? Think again.

When there was no seat available for him to take an important exam, this teen didn’t get upset or give up. Instead, he relied on what he’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School to pray about the situation—with quick results.

When you have too much to do

After she spent sophomore year feeling overwhelmed, this high school student was ready for a change. Learning more about God as her source helped her think differently about her schoolwork and other demands and propelled her into her junior year feeling calmer and closer to God.

Are you proud of me yet?

In spite of a multitude of accomplishments, this teenager never felt good enough. Instead, she continued to yearn for—and strive for—her parents’ praise … until she discovered something a whole lot more satisfying.