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Looking for an internship? God will lead the way.

After sending out more than twenty résumés without success, this college student realized she needed a different approach to her internship search. Spending time with Science and Health brought unexpected answers.

When you’re facing the unknown

Struggling with uncertainty and fear about the future, this author needed an answer. What she found in the Bible allayed her fears and helped her stop worrying about what came next.

Getting along with Mom

This teen had always wanted a good relationship with her mom … but had never had one. But when she finally decided to pray about the dysfunction, based on what she’d learned in Christian Science, new insights paved the way for progress.

The key to effective test prep

When testing season loomed large, this high school student found that instead of collapsing under the stress, he could actually do something proactive: He could pray.

How I’m praying about school shootings

One teen takes us on her journey from feeling helpless in the aftermath of school shootings to discovering the power that comes from actively praying to prevent them.

What the news won’t tell you

Glued to your phone for updates on the latest terrifying thing sweeping the globe? Christian Science can help us productively navigate our consumption of—and response to—information.

Gaming addiction—gone!

At first this gamer’s constant drive to level up didn’t seem like a big deal. But when she couldn’t even keep herself from playing during class, she knew gaming had changed from something fun into an addiction. Read on to find out how Christian Science helped her find freedom.

You do you?

Are there certain moral choices that are right or wrong? The teens in a Christian Science Sunday School class took a look at a variety of moral issues using both the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy as their guides.

Feeling tired?

She’d tried everything: starting her homework earlier, getting help from teachers, even making schedules for herself. But she was still overwhelmed and overtired from staying up so late to get everything done. Could she find a spiritual answer to fatigue?

When there’s no way you can get it all done

This college student was already overwhelmed when she suddenly learned she’d have to prepare for an extra exam. How was she ever going to get it all done? God had a surprising answer for her.