Healed in church

We can experience healing anywhere, anytime, but one Sunday a few months ago, I felt the benefit of healing in church. I wasn’t sure I could attend, since I wasn’t feeling well and was afraid I might cough uncontrollably. I had been praying with and understanding better what a hymn by Charles H. Barlow means when it says, “The ‘one far-off divine event’ / Is now, and that event is Love” (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 391). I began to see that if the unfoldment of my day was Love’s event, I couldn’t be unwise or mistaken in my activities, because God, Love, is never unwise or mistaken. 

Listening for divine direction, I felt led to attend the service at my local branch Church of Christ, Scientist. I set off, giving thanks to God for every detail along the road—the trees, the color, the courtesy of other drivers, the sense of order. I had a little plan: I would sit at the back of the church so that I could make an escape if necessary. But divine Love had a different plan. When I arrived, I found that someone was needed to operate the CD player for the solo, and doing so meant sitting in the middle of the church. 

Well, this was Love’s event, and I felt impelled to offer to help, trusting Love’s power to enable me to meet the need. I did, and it came to me to continue quietly expressing my gratitude to God. In fact, I hung on every word of the Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly as it was read to the congregation as the sermon; I thanked God for every single idea in it, for Christ Jesus and his healing works, and for divine Truth, Life, and Love. I was not tempted to cough, and I felt that the whole congregation was enveloped in God’s love. 

I was hardly able to sing the first two hymns, but was in full voice for the third. I was also able to talk freely with those attending the Christmas meal held after the service for church friends and visitors, whereas my voice had been very croaky earlier.

Going home afterward, I pondered why giving thanks to God was so powerful. I realized that gratitude affirms and acknowledges what is going on right now. It knows what God, Mind, is knowing, and so aligns thought with God’s presence and power, wherein there is no room for discord of any kind. Thanks be to God for the healing Christ, ever present now and forever!

Kathy North
Neston, Cheshire, England

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