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Just like your Father

From the September 28, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Did you know that you’re just like your Father? I don’t mean you’re just like the man you call Daddy or Dad. But like God—your real Father—as it says in the Bible. 

Because God is our Father, we are His children. In the very first chapter of the Bible, it tells us that “God created man in his own image” (Genesis 1:27). Wow. An image of something can’t be different from the original. So since God is Love and good, we must reflect that same Love and goodness. Since there’s nothing dark or bad in God, there can’t be anything dark or bad in us. God, our loving Father, helps us see ourselves this way, too. Our Father gives us the good thoughts we need in order to recognize and express all the goodness He’s causing in us.

One day I got to share some of these ideas with an elementary school friend of mine. I asked him what his favorite school activity was. 

“Being with my special teacher,” he told me. 

He said he had a special teacher because he got so angry. He got angry at school with the other kids and at home with his sisters. Then he said, “I’m just like my dad.”

I was surprised. I told him that I didn’t see him that way. I saw him as a wonderful, creative story writer. And I’d seen him give his sisters big hugs at school. I had never seen him angry.

I told him that he always has a choice to make when things go wrong. And that his dad always has his own choices to make, too. I shared that I’d learned that when I feel angry, I really do have a choice about how I respond, no matter what anyone has done to me and no matter what choices someone else is making.

I’d learned that if I could stop, wait, and listen with my thoughts, I would get an idea that would help me choose a better way to go forward. Kind of like a stoplight:




Traffic light

A better idea is always one that matches up with the goodness in us—the goodness that’s from our Father, good.

My friend liked these ideas. I found out that his teacher saw him making progress in class. He was learning how to make better choices instead of just getting angry. 

Later, when I saw my friend again, he told me about a time when he’d been at the end of a very long line to go down a water slide. Before, he would have gotten angry. But this time something different had happened. The idea had come to him that he could be patient and wait his turn. He was able to do that.

What’s true for my friend and me is true for you, too. Your Father, God, is always right there with you. Always helping you see yourself the way He sees you. Always causing good and love and kindness in you. Always sending just the ideas you need to live that goodness. As you practice doing that more and more, you’ll see just how much like your real Father you actually are.

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