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Arm restored to full mobility

From the May 14, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

At one time, I was having difficulty with one of my arms in the form of pain and restricted mobility. The pain increased to the point that I could not lift the arm above shoulder level. I had been relying on Christian Science for healing for a number of years, so it was natural for me to turn to it in this case. 

During this time, our church had been discussing a possible move to a more public location, but there were mixed views about such a move. I was uneasy with what felt like a lack of progress. 

As I prayed about both the arm difficulty and the church situation, and as I studied the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, I was learning more about God’s substance as infinite Spirit and how Spirit constitutes the law and structure of all God’s creation. A passage from the Bible helped me understand this spiritual structure; it also helped me see how this understanding is essential to the proper government of both a church and the body. In speaking about the Church as the body of Christ, the writer of Ephesians tells us that Christ “makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love” (4:16, New Living Translation). 

In this verse, I feel the writer provides us with an explanation of Christ, Truth, that enables us to demonstrate God’s law of harmony, whether the need for harmony is in an organization or in the body. We tend to think of the body as a collection of material parts and organizations as a collection of disparate individuals, and we believe that one part can interfere with or restrict the activity of other parts. 

But because God is one infinite Spirit, Mind, the universe and man, reflecting God, are constituted of one coordinated whole. There is no dis-ease in God or His ideas. This truth was helping me see that both the body and an organization operate harmoniously when governed by Christ, Truth. When thought is spiritualized, and therefore controlled by Spirit, not matter, there is peaceful functioning without stress or any restrictive pinching. Each member can continue to function freely without restriction when guided by divine Love instead of personal volition. 

Further, in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy partially defines Church as “The structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle” (p. 583). Having worked in the construction and architecture industries, I knew that buildings are made up of the relationship of one structural member to another. Truth and Love are names for God, and I could readily see that the structure of Truth and Love is made up of the harmonious relation of all of God’s ideas to each other. This God-ordered relationship includes no pain, burdens, points of friction, or lack of healthy activity. This truth not only helped in removing burdens I had been feeling and a false sense of personal responsibility, but also brought less anxiety into my personal relationships. I was beginning to see how the law of Love supports and motivates all useful action.

Surprisingly, the result of my prayer was that I felt led to respond to opportunities for community outreach, such as serving as a volunteer Christian Science chaplain for institutional work in prisons. I also focused on gratitude for what each member was contributing. We all grew in our patience and love for each other.

One Sunday, as I was leaving a church service, I realized I had full and free use of the arm, and my mobility had been completely restored. And this specific problem has never recurred. 

Several years later, the church chose to go forward with a move, and the members appeared supportive and happy with the change. We are all continuing to work together harmoniously, grateful for everyone’s contributions, and it’s wonderful to experience the spirit of love, freedom, and unity the members express.

I am so grateful for the healing truth in Christian Science that always enables us to go deeper in our understanding of spiritual substance and the universe God creates. This revelation of Christ, Truth, brings healing and restoration.

Cindy Martin
Northern California, US

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