I send this testimony with the...

I send this testimony with the fervent prayer that it may be the means of bringing to some care-burdened reader the relief and peace of mind and gratitude that were mine when the message was brought to me that there was a way out of my difficulties.

Everything I had in the world, my entire widow's mite, was invested in a four-apartment building, and my family lived in one of the apartments. Owing to an overbuilt condition which suddenly became apparent in our city, I was unable to keep my apartments rented and consequently was unable to meet the monthly payments on the building as they became due.

Cancellation of my contract was threatened repeatedly, which meant not only that I would lose the entire investment in the property but that my family would be left homeless. I appealed to various real estate dealers, endeavoring to sell or exchange my equity at any price I could get, in preference to a total loss. I was told by each of them that, owing to the deflation in property values prevalent at that time, what I had considered quite a substantial equity had been practically swept away.

In desperation I appealed to one of the realtors for a third time. He graciously consented to the interview, for which I shall never cease to be grateful to God, for it was during this interview that the first message of Christian Science was brought to me. He told me frankly that the situation seemed absolutely hopeless from a material standpoint, but that he knew there was a way out for me through Christian Science if I thought I would be interested in working it out that way. A conviction accompanied his words that made me know they were true. A practitioner was appealed to, and for her faithful and untiring work I truly feel I can never be grateful enough.

Oh, the blessed privilege that was mine during the following weeks! I found rest and peace such as I had never known before. Step by step my problem was solved. My contract was canceled, and I was given a certain number of days in which to vacate. Although mortal man had set this time, I knew that substance does not belong to mortal man, but to God, for He has created all; and I knew that "there is no power apart from God" (Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, p. 228 ). Various extensions of time were granted me in ways of which I had never even thought.

My astonishment and my gratitude to God knew no bounds when the party from whom I had been purchasing the property notified me that he was willing to accept four thousand dollars less than had been due him under the original contract. I was able to refinance the property at this figure, receiving a deed for it, the balance of the indebtedness being covered by a first mortgage. My home and my equity were both restored to me. The vacant apartments were rented without difficulty. I neither advertised nor put forth any material effort; yet more tenants came than I could accommodate.

Proving again the unlimited power of Truth, a physical condition for which I had doctored hopelessly for years was healed during this time. A large bone tumor had formed in my side, due to an injury. The suffering at times was excruciating. A successful operation was considered impossible. The administration of regular doses of arsenic provided the only relief; without it, I was bedridden. I decided that if I intended to rely on divine Principle for a portion of my need, I was going to rely entirely. I therefore abandoned the arsenic and various other supplementary drugs deemed absolutely essential to my welfare. This healing took place over twenty years ago, and I am profoundly grateful to be privileged to state that my health from that day to this has been perfect.

What a joy it is to know that there is no problem without an answer in Christian Science. The desire in my heart is that my life may prove my gratitude.—(Mrs.) Ethel Dow Wetsel, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Testimony of Healing
My first healing in Christian Science...
October 8, 1949

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