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Freed from knee trouble and headaches

From the October 5, 2015 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

During World War II, I was a member of the First Australian Parachute Battalion. About ten years ago I attended a meeting of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Paratroopers Association. There were only five other members there besides me, and I learned that they all had had knee replacements, or were waiting for them. 

Not long after this, I found that I was having great difficulty with my knees and had to install a stairlift, as it became hard to manage the stairs. It was obvious to me that since I had not experienced any problems with my knees previously, I had accepted the belief that I could expect this problem. The mental nature of this difficulty was clear, and the place it had to be handled was in my thinking. It did not matter how many others believed that a material cause, such as age or rigorous activities, could curtail man’s capabilities. In eternal Mind, which created all to express God’s perfection, there is no material cause and no deterioration or diminishment. 

Mary Baker Eddy states on page 468 in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, and man is His image and likeness. Therefore man is not material; he is spiritual.” I clung to that statement and also to this one from page 283: “Mind is the source of all movement, and there is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action.”

In the book of Daniel, there is the story of the three Hebrew boys, who, when cast into the fiery furnace, were untouched by the flames. It has always stood out to me that they were not saved from the experience, but were protected—not even “the smell of fire had passed on them” (3:27). This has been a great encouragement to me to keep on persevering when challenges come, as we are never alone. The omnipresent God is always right with us, embracing us, and we can feel His presence and listen for His guidance.

I prayed for several months about the knee problem, but eventually the healing came. I’ve been free of the problem for nine years or so now. I am pleased to say that I can go for walks, am able to handle stairs comfortably, and enjoy playing bowls (lawn bowling) a couple of times a week without any problems with my knees.

My gratitude for this healing and many others I have experienced is unbounded—including the healing of migraine headaches, from which I suffered for many years. One day I jumped up from where I was resting with the declaration, “If I am a spiritual idea, why am I lying here?” The headache vanished immediately. They returned once more, but the knowledge that I had seen through them was enough for me to declare, “No, that is enough!” I have never again suffered from migraine headaches in the 20 years since then.

I spend quite some time each morning on metaphysical study, and this enables me to keep active in church work. I have also enjoyed several long country tours. Recently I found that what I was reading was just words to me, and I felt sure I was wasting my time, as words in themselves mean very little. It is the idea that the words express that is the important thing, and I was not getting the ideas. I put my books down and started writing in my notebook all the things I have to be grateful for. 

Once I started, I found I could not stop listing them, as I have so much to be grateful for. After a while I got back to the Christian Science Bible Lesson, and it seemed so full of wonderful ideas that I had not noticed in my previous study. Starting off with gratitude is such an excellent way to begin the day.

My gratitude to the Church of Christ, Scientist, and to Mary Baker Eddy for sharing with us her revelation of the Science of Christianity—including instruction on how to heal as Christ Jesus did—cannot be measured.

Jack Gregory
Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

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