First Church of Christ, Scientist, has arranged for more commodious quarters for its Reading Rooms and church services, and probably the removal from the present rooms will be made about March 1. The auditorium in the Carnegie library has been leased for church services, the change being necessary because of the growth in the congregation. Ultimately it is the intention of the church to erect a building on its lots at the northwest corner of Lincoln Avenue and Fifth Street.

The Hastings Tribune.


The reports at the annual meeting of Erste Kirche Christi des Scientisten, Berlin, held Jan 6, 1908, showed a year of great growth and advancement. In November the church, having outgrown its former quarters, moved to Choralion Saal, Belvue Strasse 4. This hall was lately built by the Aeolian Company and contains one of their finest organs. The lighting and decorations are perfect and it is in every way fitted for the use of a Christian Science church. The Sunday School, held in both German and English, numbers about sixty, the larger part being German. One interesting feature is the teaching of our Leader's hymns to the German children. Already the hall is filled to its fullest capacity at the German services, and the weekly testimonial meetings are full of life and interest.

With gratitude to God, and to our beloved Leader, encouraged and strengthened, this church begins another year of work for the Cause of Christian Science in Germany.

Anne Lebaron Drumm, Clerk.


The work of the Committee on Publication and his assistants during the year ending Dec. 31, 1907, has been more extensive and important than that of any preceding year. While there has been increased activity on the part of the press in relation to Christian Science, and much unfavorable matter (largely Eastern despatches) has been published, there has still been a noticeable improvement in the attitude of editors generally toward Christian Science, and many who were antagonistic are now favorably disposed. A marked instance of this improvement is the action of the Los Angeles Herald, which voluntarily opened its Sunday columns to the subject of Christian Science and is requesting suitable matter each week for publication.

The distribution of literature during the past year has been over three times as much as the preceding year, and the good accomplished in this way cannot be estimated. Besides the newspapers, magazines, Sentinels, and Journals, about 12,000 copies of the pamphlet, "Evil Is Not Power," have been distributed, 2,205 copies of the December Arena have been ordered, and 3,394 yearly subscriptions to periodicals that published favorable articles on Christian Science have been sent to the publishers. Also 6,186 of these periodicals containing favorable articles were sold by the churches in San Francisco and Los Angeles. When it is considered that every printed statement of truth that is circulated is a seed that may bear fruit in the consciousness of some needy one, the wisdom of our Leader in encouraging the wide distribution of such articles through current periodicals is apparent, and we do well to assist in this work.

From the Report of the Committee on Publication.


Yesterday [Feb. 3] was an eventful day for the Christian Scientists of East St. Louis and vicinity. At 10.45 a.m. they formally opened to the public their beautiful new church edifice on Washington Place and Summit Avenue. The auditorium was comfortably filled at the morning service, but it was during the afternoon service that the seating capacity was taxed to its utmost, visitors being present from Belleville, Granite City, Venice, St. Louis, and Chicago.

The evening service, commencing at eight o'clock, brought out more East St. Louis people than either of the previous services. Many commendatory remarks were heard, all uniting in pronouncing the architecture and finish chaste and harmonious in every detail. One well-known citizen was overheard remarking that he had expected something fine, but that he was totally unprepared for the beautiful sight which met his gaze as he entered the auditorium. The services were simple, but impressive to a marked degree. The hymns, which were sung in a spirited manner, were congregational, beautifully worded and set to appropriate music.

East St. Louis Journal.


At one of the monthly meetings of the committee for the distribution of Christian Science literature of First Church of Christ, Scientist, New Haven, Conn., the matter of placing our literature at the disposal of the United States Navy was discussed, and the suggestion made that the committee provide literature for the ship bearing the name of our State. A letter was therefore written, asking permission to place Christian Science literature on the battleship Connecticut, and at the same time a copy of our text-book and two Quarterlies were sent to the ship. The following letter was received in acknowledgement:—

U. S. S. Connecticut, New York Navy Yard,
Nov. 11, 1907.

The book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," was received and I desire to thank the committee for the distribution of Christian Science literature for its thoughtful remembrance of this ship. I have placed the book in the library as requested, and will be glad to place before the crew any literature you may send. I am, with much respect, gratefully yours,

H. Osterhaus, Captain U. S. N., Commanding.

We rejoice in the significance of the fact that the flagship of the fleet on its cruise to the Pacific bears our text-book.

Georgia A. Beckley, Clerk.

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