Love dissolves cold symptoms and sadness

Every year at Thanksgiving, my mother and I would search for friends and acquaintances who didn’t have a place to share gratitude and Thanksgiving dinner, and invite them over. We were usually able to fill our large dining table.

After my mother passed on, I was on my own to carry on our tradition. It was my first year doing this, and it looked as if it would again be a full table. But the weekend before Thanksgiving, I was not feeling well, struggling with cold symptoms. I was serving as Second Reader at my branch Church of Christ, Scientist, and I prayed to understand the service to be God’s, not mine. I was able to freely fulfill my role that Sunday, but after church the symptoms returned.

I tried to put aside worry about my ability to read for the Thanksgiving Day service and to cook for everyone. I like to think about worry as ingratitude in advance, and I certainly did not want to be ungrateful at Thanksgiving!

Tuesday morning, however, I still wasn’t feeling well. I prayed while going for a swim in the ocean. It came to me that perhaps I needed to address the thought of feeling unloved. I realized that with the holiday coming up, I was thinking a lot about my mother and missing her. Also, my daughter had just left after a visit, and I was missing her too.

A hymn popped into my thought that begins, “Come, ye disconsolate, where’er ye languish ...” (Thomas Moore and Thomas Hastings, adapt., Christian Science Hymnal, No. 40). At that moment I felt quite disconsolate. But the hymn is about coming to God’s ever-present love—one stanza ends with the line, “Earth has no sorrow that Love cannot cure.”

I knew that feeling sad or unloved was not my nature as God’s child. I also knew that boundless love comes from our Mother-Father God and is expressed in Her spiritual creation, but we are not the source of this love. My mother and my daughter certainly expressed love, which I felt and gave back, but that love was always—is always—from God. As I continued to pray, a beautiful sense of ever-present divine Love came over me. I held to that feeling of infinite Love’s tangible presence all day; I knew that God’s love is present with everyone, and that all are able to know and feel this, wherever they are in the world.

By the end of the day, all symptoms of a cold had vanished. And on Thanksgiving, I felt so very loved. Nineteen people joined my son and me at our early-afternoon dinner. Not only was our usual table full, but another table overlooking the garden was also full, and we added another next to that. The house was bursting with joy and gratitude. (And yes, there was just enough turkey.) It was a wonderful day filled with opportunities to feel and express qualities of Love, God. And that deeper sense of God’s limitless love has stayed with me since.

If you ask God for a fuller sense of love, you get abundance.

Kit Kurtz 
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, US

Testimony of Healing
Protected from assault
May 21, 2018

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