"It worked, Mommie. It worked!"

[Of Special Interest to Children]

Susan came home from school one day at lunchtime, almost in tears. She told her mother that Vickie was angry and refused either to speak to her or to play games with her. These two children had been happy playmates for a long time.

Mother asked what had happened, and Susan told her that a girl named Sherry had started to attend school. She was new in the neighborhood and seemed very shy and lonely. Susan remembered that she had learned in the Christian Science Sunday School that God is Love and that we must reflect Love as Jesus did. She had a great desire to help make the new girl feel happy and welcome.

Vickie tried hard to get her to leave Sherry and play with her. When asked to come over and join the game Susan and Sherry were playing, Vickie refused and said that she would never play with her old friend again.

Now Mother was busy getting lunch for the family; so she told Susan to go to her room, take her Christian Science books, and apply the truths she had learned in her Sunday School class.

In her room Susan took the Bible and Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, along with the Quarterly, and studied the first section of the Bible Lesson for that week. She also read the ninety-first Psalm. She went back to school much happier.

Nothing more was said about the situation until a few days later. This time tears flowed as Susan came into the room where Mother was busy ironing and cried: "O, Mommie, it is getting worse and worse! Vickie stuck out her tongue and made faces at me today.'"

Mother knew it was time she sat down and helped Susan do some clear thinking. Picking up the Bible, she opened it to the first chapter of Genesis and read aloud the twenty-seventh verse: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him."

Then Mother and Susan reasoned together that since God created man in His image. He created him good, loving, and perfect; so they must see everyone as the perfect child of God, and that included Vickie. They were not to believe in unkindness, unloving thoughts, inharmony or imperfection, for these are not in God's kingdom.

After they had pondered these good thoughts for some time together, Mother read the last line of the Lord's Prayer and its spiritual interpretation, found on page 17 of Science and Health:

"For Thine is the kingdom, and
the power, and the glory,

For God is infinite, all-power,
all Life, Truth, Love, over
all, and All."

Susan thanked Mother for helping her and went out to play.

The next afternoon a joyous and happy little Susan came home from school and, bouncing into the room where her mother was sewing, called out: "It worked, Mommie. It worked!" She said that all day she had held to the truths they had discussed the evening before. She had kept repeating to herself that there couldn't be anything but Love between God's children.

As the school bell rang for the last session in the afternoon, she met her friend in the hall, and a wonderful thing happened: Vickie smiled at her. Susan smiled right back. As she and Sherry started to walk home after school, they heard someone calling to them. They turned around, and there was Vickie calling, "Wait for me." She ran to catch up with them, and the three girls walked home together, chatting happily all the way.

Mother and Susan both expressed their gratitude for the beautiful solution of an unhappy situation and for the fact that Susan had learned a little of how to demonstrate love and harmony.

A College Student Writes
May 23, 1964

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