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Divine logic and our God-given authority

From the April 16, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

There are theories for almost every area of human experience—health, relationships, the environment, economics, the weather. These theories can be so widely accepted that they become regarded as laws governing our circumstances. But Christian Science teaches something that empowers us to free ourselves from the limitations such conclusions often impose. 

The ability to challenge the validity of theories comes from understanding spiritual facts about God and man. Christian Science defines God as divine Mind—the only source of intelligence—and man as His idea. The man of God’s creating consists solely of divine attributes, which are entirely spiritual, pure, and good. There is no element of materiality in this idea called man, so man cannot be limited by so-called material law. Rather, he is governed by God, Mind, alone.

But there seems to be another mind operating in human experience—mortal mind—which claims that man is material and ruled by mortal laws. But mortal mind is not a real mind; it is only what is suggested by the material senses. It presents a distorted concept of man as subject to disturbance, imbalance, disease, and death. Dominion over this false concept lies in acknowledging God as the only Mind or intelligence there is, and man (ourselves—both male and female) as the expression of this intelligence. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we can look to God, the only real lawmaker, for the truth—and that truth, when understood and adhered to, will bring freedom.

An experience I had some years ago taught me the value of claiming our dominion over human theories. After the birth of my first child, I found myself suffering intensely from hemorrhoids. Theories based on anatomy attributed this condition to the prolonged and difficult birth process I had experienced. The hemorrhoids continued to cause discomfort for months. 

Two years later, with the birth of my second child, severe hemorrhoids appeared again. This time the birth was quick, but the consequence was the same. The theory was that I was now predisposed to the problem. I was praying for healing with help from a Christian Science practitioner, but at the same time I was very impressed with the birth scenario and its seeming effects. I still remember the practitioner’s words to me: “You haven’t been through anything.” 

“That’s easy for him to say,” I recall thinking. But after pondering his statement, I realized he was reminding me that, as God’s spiritual reflection, I could not actually go through any kind of material experience. Praying with love for God and an understanding of the spiritual law of divine Love, I could overcome the whole drama of a grueling birth process with bad aftereffects.

For an instant, I was able to feel the power of the spiritual truths the practitioner and I had each been studying during the months leading up to the birth. I was able to discern that childbirth is the reception of a new spiritual idea that is both entirely good and fully and perfectly formed by God. There is nothing that hurts in the reception of a spiritual idea. Two spiritual ideas can’t be in conflict with each other, and a spiritual idea never causes pain, so there is no basis for suffering. 

The man of God’s creating consists solely of divine attributes.

Through this spiritual logic, I could claim exemption from any negative physical ramifications of childbirth. The basis for the theories mandating a condition of suffering was gone. The hemorrhoids disappeared immediately. And not only was there no recurrence of the problem following the birth of my third child two years later, there has been no trace of it in the eight years since.

What took away the hemorrhoids? Metaphysical treatment based on the divine logic of Christian Science removed the belief of suffering that resulted from theories associated with a material body and childbirth. In any human experience, various circumstances seem to dictate what kind of suffering we can expect, based on theories related to medical history, heredity, family history, physical measurements, or even chance. But these theories have no real authority, since God, the one infinite Mind, is the only real power.

The Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, gives this helpful instruction: “Think less of the enactments of mortal mind, and you will sooner grasp man’s God-given dominion. You must understand your way out of human theories relating to health, or you will never believe that you are quite free from some ailment.” 

The book explains further, “Christ Jesus overruled the error which would impose penalties for transgressions of the physical laws of health; he annulled supposed laws of matter, opposed to the harmonies of Spirit, lacking divine authority and having only human approval for their sanction” (pp. 381–382). 

As we follow Jesus’ example and teachings, we, too, can exercise our authority to overrule any suffering that is based on the theory that we must experience penalties for transgressing some supposed material law. Spiritual fact overrules material fable in every case. Identifying ourselves as the eternally perfect, spiritual man that divine Mind knows, we can be confident that our true identity can never be marred or even touched by anything unlike God. 

God is Life, all action, ever employed in knowing and governing His creation. As He is omnipresent and omnipotent, leaving no space for another power, mortal theories have no reality, no power, no effect. God’s perfect creation can’t be known in a fluctuating or imperfect manner, and because we have the consistency of spiritual sense, we can’t fall victim to substituting matter-based laws for spiritually correct reasoning. 

In claiming our identity as the idea of divine Mind, we recognize that we have not gone through any material circumstance. Our existence is entirely untouched by trauma, drama, or conflict. Reasoning from a spiritual basis, we can reject the claims of mortal mind as fables, understand our way out of human theories, and realize our God-bestowed freedom.

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