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Full recovery after foot injury

From the January 1, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

One afternoon, I stepped over a child safety gate at the top of the stairs and accidentally slipped down three steps, twisting and hurting my foot. I was able to stand, and as I started down the rest of the stairs I turned to God in prayer for help. 

I repeated “the scientific statement of being” from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy (see p. 468). This helped me reason spiritually and refute the suggestion that I could slip up, fall, or be distracted from my love for God. I knew I needed to immediately quiet fearful thoughts that claimed I was mortal, material, and vulnerable to material mistakes and difficulties. 

Then I realized something else I needed to include in my prayers. A few minutes earlier, I had been on the internet and found myself taking in negative news. It stirred me up and made me feel annoyed about all the political dramas I had been reading about. I mentally turned away from those dark suggestions and the negativity and prayed to know that no one in God’s creation could fall or be separated from God’s goodness, harmony, and purity. 

The news I had taken in presented a poor, corrupt picture of people, and I prayed to know that in reality God’s spiritual man is good, and forever will be good and holy. As I accepted this truth, I felt a greater sense of calm and peace, and the pain in my foot eased. 

However, later that night I again felt pain in my foot. At this point I contacted a Christian Science practitioner, who said he would pray for me. 

The next day my family and I went on an outing to go apple picking. I didn’t feel I could go walking around the orchard, but I stayed in the car and prayed quietly while my family picked apples. I had brought a Bible with me, as well as Science and Health and other writings by Mrs. Eddy, and a Christian Science Hymnal. I quietly read, prayed, and listened for God’s healing messages.  

I felt so inspired and uplifted during this quiet time of just honoring God’s total goodness. I knew that, as God’s image and likeness, I was reflecting God’s goodness, and so was every one of God’s children. During this time I felt the presence of the healing Christ with me—it removed the false notions in my thought that I could be separated from God’s goodness and made me see myself and my fellow man clearer as the perfect reflection of God. I truly felt the healing occurred during this time. Fear and error left my thoughts, and I felt light, joyful, and peaceful. 

During the next two days I moved about as normally and comfortably as always. On the third day, I felt inspired to run my usual two-and-a-half-mile morning run, and I did so with ease. I noticed no pain or discomfort, and nothing was out of place.

I’m very grateful for this healing, as it helped me understand that our Father-Mother God, divine Love, provides the love and healing power that saves us, keeping us forever safe in His heavenly kingdom.

Tad Blake-Weber 
Waltham, Massachusetts, US

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